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  • itchy

    Well, the Dangerous family couch is ruined now, that’s for sure.

  • JimbobJones:

    YES! I’m watching that show!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Not to mention Probst. So double shame.

  • itchy

    You’ve just made Mr. Dangerous explode. Shame on you.

  • JimbobJones

    Who’s in the police? Not Tony. We know he isn’t in the police. He told us.

  • JimbobJones

    They need to have a Hantz and Tony version of Survivor. Just the two of them, on an island made entirely of hidden immunity idols.

    Every week, they try to vote each other off, and every week “Surprise! I have a hidden idol!”

    The rest of the hour could be Tony hiding in a spy shack listening to Hantz talk about how strategic he is.

    It’ll be GOLD, baby!!!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I get the feeling that Russell and the Hantz clan are probably not fond of the PO-leece.

  • I agree completely with “I’m just glad to see you.” My comment came out in the wrong place.


  • Russell isn’t going to like that Itchy.

  • I agree completely!

  • itchy

    It’s okay, Hantz is currently out of the country, working as a celebrity performer/waiter on Carnival Cruise Line’s “Sea Princess”.

  • Oh I’m so glad to hear this. I had a frowny face on the whole podcast, and it was such a damn good week I really wanted to hear your commentary! Now I can just play this 2-minute recap over and over 30 times to make up for it. MWAAH.

  • No, I’m just glad to see you

    Your fantasy husband shoots testosterone out of his pores every time someone even dares to compare Tony to him. Best not to rile the beast with a pictorial. Both men play hard and full out but Russell has the edge in multiple categories.

  • Is Donatella Versace in the new Planet of the Apes movie? She should be. She could do LIVE and IN PERSON work for that film and people would say, “Ohhhhh. It’s gonna be one scary movie!” One complaint, uh, you couldn’t work in a picture of Russell Hantz? It’s not in every SURVIVOR episode that a castaway compares someone they loathe to my fantasy husband: Russell Dangerous-Hantz. So, you could have included a picture of Russ next to Tony (both shirtless) so we could compare their sexiness and machismo against each other.

    p.s. You would think these people would wash their clothes! I would never be seen, this filthy, on national TV.

  • RonnieK

    HA! Thanks Dorsey! That Donatella pic has been making the rounds all week and it won’t leave my brain, so I figured I would inflict it upon you guys. You’re welcome.

  • RonnieK

    I’m back next week for good!! xoxo

  • Aunt Dorsey

    “…..hooker ass.” “Hnnnnnnnh, He said Kass!” Absolutely brilliant. You win the whole damn internet Ronnie.

    Forget water boarding, just invoke the name of Yoko Ono and flash some photos of Donatella Versace.

  • Hilarious as usual, and it was nice to have you back after missing you on the podcast this week. Please be back next week!!