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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • beijobabe

    If there is one thing Miss Ru know how to do — it’s get the money money money.

    pour vous sermonette

  • Lady Shahady

    Ginger’s the worst.

    Have I been drinking Haterade or is this season just really…not good? Vallegirl was on point re: the Divine challenge last week. Nearly any of the top, what, 8? from last season would have done a better job than nearly any of the contestants from this one. And even the failures aren’t as entertaining this go round.

    Y’all, this is my SHOW.

    Curses. Betrayal. What sorcery is this?

    That conjoined twin challenge was great though. Come to think of it, a LOT of these challenges have been, or at least had a ton of potential to be great. Curses.

    Ginger’s the worst.

    The good news that even at its most disappointing, Drag Race is still pretty amazing.


  • Lady Shahady

    Pearls’ Housewife line was fla-say-dah-vine.


    Or should I be reminded to fla-say-dah-on’t-try to make fla-say-dah a thing?

  • Sermonette

    Kennedy is tough for me. I liked her in the first episode, and then i hated her when she started being a total dickbag with Jasmine. Even though she’s been a bitch most of the season, it seems like it comes across better in the workroom to the other queens than it does to the audience. Like they respect her candor. And God knows I like her better than Ginger and there’s a good chance they’ll be in the top. Ginger is the worst.

  • Sermonette

    Ginger is the worst. I’m just going to keep repeating it. If she wins that will be my entire recap. Just “Ginger is the worst” repeated 1000 times.

  • Sermonette

    Though Violet may have a long way to go in the charisma department, bitch has a strong, smart aesthetic. I’m excited to see what she does beyond the show whether she wins or not. She feels like top 3 or 4 to me, but not the winner.

    Ginger is the worst.

  • Sermonette

    You are right! It’s not even a contest. I might even say the top 10 from last season could have easily won this season. That’s taking it back to Gia Gunn (Full Disclosure: I always really liked her. It makes sense that I’m partial to Violet, too!)

    Katya is a guaranteed Miss Congeniality, but I don’t think she’s going to win. I’d love to be wrong though.

  • Sermonette

    Fla-Say-Dah is going to be memed and gif’d and emblazoned on many things from the rupaul drag universe. Also look out for Pearl’s new single “Fla-say-dah” in about 4 weeks.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Oh Trixie, you drank Ginger Mange’s Kool Aid by mistake. Good thing you didn’t unpack girl, ’cause Ru likes toads.

    Loved the tango and Pearl’s twerk.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    My sentiments exactly. She’s gloated and humble bragged all season about how fabulous she is and how everybody else sucks, so I don’t have a shred of sympathy for Ginger Mange.

  • omg i was so bored during untucked, the chemistry just wasn’t happening, despite the whole kennedy/pearl thing. also I don’t see any change really in Violet, she is mean girl, non-ironic model, with zero sense of humor.

    at this point whoever wins, its just gonna be a real anti-climax…

  • beijobabe

    Second week in a row that Katya has been my favorite – go Ratchet Raggedy Ann.!

    Pearl was a great Real Housewife – “Sometimes people call me a slut, but I’m also an alcoholic.” But the best was … Fla-say-dah.

  • How unsurprising that the least sympathetic bitch is the one who whines the most when she doesn’t do well. Wah, Ginger. Violet’s right, buck up and deal with the fact that you weren’t perfect and have to lip synch.

    I’m sorry but someone as hammy and elbow-throwingly attention-seeking as Ginger isn’t “afraid” to dance in public. She just knew she’d be the worst and turned on the fake tears. Maybe if she showed a dram of sympathy for anyone else when they got tough critique I might shed a tear for that odious little toad, but, nope. No tears for Ginger.

    On the plus side, though, it was nice to see Violet and Katya do so well. I kind of like seeing the nicer side of Violet. She may have started off obnoxiously, but now that she’s settled into the competition I like her.

  • Merry

    I can’t get on board with Ginger either. Trixie was delusional if she though she wouldn’t be lip syncing, but I give her points for trying with the dancing and being so concerned about not dropping her partner, while Ginger tried to “cute” her way through without putting in any effort.

    Kennedy’s got moves, but meh, still not liking her. Violet’s growing on me (I know, I’m shocked too) and I think Katya is my favorite to win. I’m in total agreement with Wendy that previous queens could easily crush everyone in this season. Cameos from Bianca and Latrice just remind me how sub-par this season is.

  • Wendy Dahling

    Great recap! I never really liked Kennedy but she was adorable with her crush on Pearl. They did look like they were having fun and it made their performance fun to watch. I think Katya is my new favorite she’s so funny with a dash of neurotic. I was never a fan of Trixie on any level but after untucked I was glad he went home again! Conceited much? The fact that he thinks Ginger dropped the ball was just delusional. I still think any of the final 6 queens from last season could beat any of these queens tucks down.