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CMint lives in her hometown of Houston, Texas, although she likes to remind people that she lived in Nashville when it was cool and funky (i.e. the late 90s). She loves pinot noir, cats, and Whataburger.
  • itchy

    I realize I’m probably the only person in the world to want this, but I want Hayley and Blair to win.

    Think about it: if this were Beauty and the Geek, then they definitely have shown the most development.

    Plus, I also understand that, since Hayley only got her breast implants a couple of weeks before filming started, she wasn’t aware the effects of carrying around all that extra weight would have on her. No wonder she’s been so nasty.

    Also, I love the fact that Blair’s a douche, but he owns it and seems to understand that he DESERVES her.

  • Chicken Lips

    No, I’m pretty sure I heard the last two…

    Wait, that was me saying it. Carry on.

  • CMint

    Hayley’s voice makes me want to stick a sharp object into my ears and swirl my brain into scrambled eggs just so that I never, ever have to hear her again.

  • CMint

    I’m starting to really consider the fact that Truckstop could take this to the end. And yes, I think I remember a vague reference to reservations being made regarding their tickets. The whole thing was just so weird. Why not just have them pick up the tickets at the airport? I guess we wouldn’t have been able to watch LT booze it up at a random bar, though. I enjoyed that.

  • CMint

    At this point, until they turn into assholes, I want Laura and Tyler to win it. I do like Jelani, though. Perhaps he can join up in a last minute “threesome” with LT? What if Truckstop wins this?!?!

  • CMint

    I know. Their passive aggressive “compliments” to each other were fantastic. “I wish she’d shut up.” “I wish he wasn’t such a dick.” “I wish she’d accidentally walk into oncoming traffic.” Ok, well, maybe I made up those last two…

  • Chicken Lips

    Hayley and Blair told Phil they were BFFs. I wanted to tell Phil that Mama’s moonshine was stronger than we thought.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I had to laugh at Hayley telling us how easy going she is and that she never loses her temper.

    I’m torn because I do not want the miserable Jenny or Hayley to win, but I do like Jelani. Other than that, I really don’t care who takes it.

    Loved the llama loan shop.

  • carol

    I now wonder if Hayley is so vapid that she has forgotten she is being filmed the entire race. And that it is being shown on a national televised show. She is clearly leaving this show single. Using “hey, I was on the last season of Amazing Race” won’t be something she should never say to anyone. She is going to have to find someone that has never heard of TAR and has no interest in ever watching it.

    As awesome as it would be to see them get to the final and be in first, but Blair stop short of stepping on the mat, I hope they get the boot the next episode. I don’t think I can deal with the whining for more than another 42 minutes.

    There should be another u-turn in this next leg, right? There should also be a couple of equalizers coming up too (ex – doesn’t open till 7am, the only train is at noon, etc).

    I realize that CBS thinks they need a hook to get viewers, but this is one of the shows that doesn’t need it. They visit so many different places around the world and do so many things, each season is vastly different. They really didn’t need the blind-date/romance hook, or the big-brother/survivor repeats. The family season was basically a different show. The different relationship dynamics are what worked for this show and kept it interesting.

  • Pegalicious

    If I remember correctly (definitely not a foregone conclusion), there were tickets already provided for the teams, but they were allowed to get different reservations if they wanted. I think Laura and Tyler were so invested in celebrating her birthday (and who wouldn’t be, since they were in Amsterdam and all) that they missed the significance of that provision.

    I’ve often wondered why teams ask for the “earliest flight” rather than the flight that arrives earliest at the destination. I’ve seen teams in past years get on a flight that departs before the others but arrives somewhat later due to connecting flights.

    Very impressed with the way the sugarcane choppers got down to work with a minimum of whining, especially Hayley and Jenny.

    Although the Mamas detour turned out to be the easier one, there have been “gathering” challenges in past seasons that have turned out to be very time-consuming.

    Rather sorry to see Matt and Ashley go; no idea who will win, but wouldn’t be surprised if Truckstop came through at the end!

  • sphouch

    Not the most exciting episode to be sure. I liked JJ at the beginning, and I’m still a fan of Jelani, so I wouldn’t feel too badly about them making the finals, though Laura and Tyler are probably my favorites this season. Truck Stop is okay, but they seem like the frat boys from a few years ago – inept, but just fortunate enough to stay in it to the finish. What’s frightening to me is the notion that we are somehow one elimination away from having Hayley in the finals.

    I still get a jerk vibe from Blair, but laced with sympathy for having to endure her caterwauling. Still, it seems from time to time he sort of pokes the bear a little. I think he enjoys pissing her off, which kind of annoys me, because she’s insufferable, and there’s no need to exacerbate that.

    I really hope next season is a normal season with your traditional bickering, and for the love of Pete – nobody from Survivor or Big Brother.