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  • notwithoutmyTV

    Don’t tell me how to spend my free time by telling me not to waste time telling other people how to spend their free time!

  • notwithoutmyTV


  • TeaLuvR

    Thank You Obi Wan Kenobi 🙌

  • DJ49

    You come here to read recaps and comment on them. That does not make you a blogger.

  • TeaLuvR

    Thanks so much for educating me -yes I am relatively new to these great blogs & WWC too. I guess your advice is don’t feed the troll who has a long established home under this bridge? Or do so at my own risk 😂😜😂

  • Emily

    Oh Ronnie, sometimes I wonder if I’m jealous of these women, too. I eat frozen pretzels for lunch (but I forgo the microwave and actually wait the 10 minutes it takes to preheat the oven and bake them, you know, because I’m classy like that), and I smoke about 6 cigs compared to your 3 so don’t even feel bad about that. Anyway, there is no question- I do want their money and material things (who wouldn’t), but then I ask myself: is it worth gargling California Raisen balls? Is it worth my kids having a dad who would rather stay at a Ramada Inn with a Backpage hooker than spend 5 minutes with them? Is it worth walking into my husband’s office to find him hanging from the chandelier we didn’t pay for and are in debt because of, surrounded by incriminating paperwork that will haunt me for the rest of my life and invoke corporate hit men to come after me (or at least my Hermès bag and my wedding ring)? The answer is…maybe. No, probably. God dammit. I really am a fucking terrible person. You’re much better than me Ronnie. I hope you never leave us to live the Housewives lifestyle. You belong at your couch desk and in our hearts forever. X X X

  • OlivertheSchnauz

    Of course, Bra back fat mountain Kyle gets away with the crap she did in this stupid made for tv storyline….And that queenie pie Andy, he threw LVP under the bus more than bat crazy Rinna did in this reunion…It was the worst! Anyway, love your recaps Ronnie, God bless!

  • yellowlabowner

    Do we think if LVP had as much leisure time as the rest of these women, she would be more caught up in the drama?

  • yellowlabowner

    What kind of competition? Who can get the most shit from doing the least?

  • yellowlabowner

    And her feelings for the SUR staff?

  • yellowlabowner

    You change, $5 dolla. $5 dolla, you change.

  • ladyluck

    The whole Munchausen issue is the worst and much ado about nothing. Kyle, at least, is comedic relief. No redeeming value to Yolanda except for her dopey instagrams.

  • yellowlabowner

    I had an IM conversation with a co-workers cat one morning.

  • anotherdirtymartini

    😄😂😄😂 I stand with Auntie D.

  • itchy

    I might watch the Real Housewives franchise if they’d turn it into a competition show. Sigh.

  • pony

    Thank you Ronnie for a wonderful season of RECAPS!!! I am going to miss those, keep up the good work! kisses from Switzerland!

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Ah, the Hand Bra. A staple of tasteful nude art for eons.

    And if you think it’s as simple as “covering your boobs with your hand/arm,” YOU JUST DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ART!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I’ll say!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Ahem, bless your heart, nwmTV kind of comes with the territory. He was living here wayyyyyyy back when it was still TVGasm. So he is to Trashtalktv what Vicki “leaky pants” Gunvalson is to Real Fishwives of OC. He’s an OG and y’all are in his living room, so to speak.

    But it looks like he’s found some new friends outside of Dance Moms, so yay for that.