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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • Aunt Dorsey

    John Waters was completely off the wall, way out of the mainstream. You couldn’t go out to the multiplex to see his early movies because they weren’t playing there. His most vocal critics had never even watched one of his movies. I still prefer the first version of Hairspray (the one that made Ricki Lake a stahr) to the remake. You really just have to watch the movies. It was a whole separate reality with Devine as his most frequent star.

  • I like Pearl way more than Danny Noriega, but, as much as this pains me, Adore is way more talented. Not at drag, but his singing and, yes, charisma, runs circles around Pearl. He’s also a lazy sack of crap which is why he drove me crazy last season, but there is a lot of talent there.

    Same with Bianca. Katya only seems on par with Bianca because the rest of the cast is lacking, but I think if we were to put, say, Jinkx, Bianca and Katya on stage together, Katya would still have a ways to go to catch up with them. And that’s fine, I think she’s on track to being as delightful a comedy queen, but she needs seasoning.

    And, to me, Ginger is the most basic frontrunner they’ve had since Tyra. But the stakes have been raised in the last three seasons to make her perfectly serviceable drag seem weak.

    It’s like the curse of season 6. The same thing happened on Top Chef. They reached their pinnacle of talent in season 6 and haven’t gotten close ever since.

  • PinkyAndNoBrain

    Am I the only one who really enjoys this season? I think Ginger, Katya, and Violet are all very talented (though the latter is a bit hit-or-miss), and I’m not convinced the talent is lacking. Pearl is just another Adore with a less annoying personality and more talent, Katya is a nicer Bianca, Ginger is a funnier Darienne, Kennedy is a funnier Trinity, Fame is a less-funny Joslyn . . . obviously that’s an extremely reductive comparison, but I think the fact that Bianca was so amazing (and the editors kept trying to convince us that Adore was amazing) and Laganja was such a mess has left people not really appreciating what seems to me like a pretty good season. We were spoiled with our Queen B, but as a total Bianca stan, I think Katya at least is definitely a worthy successor . . . and I might actually like her more, sacrilegious as that feels.

  • PinkyAndNoBrain

    I like Kennedy and think she’s Top 4 material, but I think she’s getting pushed through perhaps a bit farther than she deserves.

  • PinkyAndNoBrain

    So I don’t . . . “get” John Waters? And Wikipedia isn’t especially helpful, odd as that sounds (basically just a list of movies). Can someone help a young Christian girl (so, basically I’m Max but less talented and fabulous) understand this guy a little bit? Like, I get the legacy of stuff like Paris is Burning, but what is so special about this guy?

  • sarcasatire

    Cheap contacts will kill any goodwill.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I know. This season has been such a major disappointment. After all that extended hype, I was really expecting something spectacular. This still feels like the prototype for the show.

  • Sermonette

    Yay! I’ve been dying for your take, vallegirl!

    I definitely think he got Pearl’s number….was thinking the same thing!

    Last year’s talent was definitely lightyears ahead. It is hard to get excited about these girls, I’m not going to lie.

    To me, the biggest let down is Katya. While she can tear up a supporting role, she is always supplementary – she never manages to put herself fully in the spotlight on this show and it is frustrating.

    I’ve been talking to “industry” folks and supposedly there are some big drag stars out there who want to be on the show that Ru has not cast yet. That makes me feel better. I think it is safe to call this season a low point in Drag Race history, but I have high hopes for the future.

  • As awesome as it is to see John Waters,ever, this episode highlighted what’s been missing from this season. Only two queens GOT what was required when performing for John Waters.

    Kennedy was smart enough to demand to play Dawn so she was okay and Trixie wasn’t horrible, but compared to last season, with Bianca, Darienne, DeLa, Adore, and even Joslyn and Courtney in the final seven, the performances, and the runway, would have run circles around what this group put together. Imagine Bianca as Devil Divine, DeLa as Angel Divine and Adore or Joslyn as Shit-Eating Divine and tell me the talent wasn’t lightyears ahead?

    Plus, John probably would have been directing instead of Michelle. Why wasn’t he? I was sadly underwhelmed that he just showed up for the runway and to talk to the girls backstage … and maybe get Pearl’s number.

  • beijobabe

    yesssssss mama

  • Sermonette

    Sorry….I had to share….

  • Sermonette

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the Ru read.

    I wonder if it is more nuanced because there are fewer queens to follow and now we can linger a bit longer? Also, I think that they appear to have at least a modicum of respect for one another for having survived this far. Or maybe they are just too tired to fight? Being a bitch exhausts me.

  • Sermonette

    A “sequence” dress sounds very high concept!

  • John Waters is a national treasure and a great American.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    John Waters, sqeeeeeeee! Still hanging on to my old VCR because of his VHS movie collection. Interesting that Violet did not want to toss Miss Fame onto the “who should sashay away” pile—so all that chicken clucking did bond them. Violet does have a heart!

    Sorry Sermonette, no clue who the hell Demi Lovato is. At least they unearthed Carson again.

    Miss Fame’s dress reminded me of the Nutcracker, I expected about twenty tiny Ginger Minges and Santino to come scurrying out from underneath it.

    Too bad there isn’t a “Most Talkative” in addition to Miss Congeniality, Miss Fame would win by a landslide. Katya’s crocheted dress was making my eyes throb. Glad that Pearl and Miss Fame talked it out in Untucked. Loved that John Waters went backstage to thank them.

    Love a “sequence” dress.

  • it’s funny, either because of the untucked, or not sure what, but the relationships seem more complex between the queens in general, or more nuanced maybe. Pearl deserved extra points for originality, never saw anyone call out Ru in the library before.

  • beijobabe

    Ru’s AHA moment: Dawn Davenport — Kennedy Davenport (rolling my eyes)
    Uma – Oprah – Oprah – Uma

    Ratchet Raggedy Ann is slowing winning me over.

  • Meg

    Don’t worry; I’m 21 and I was familiar with Divine prior to this episode (mostly because she was the inspiration for Ursula in The Little Mermaid, though I have seen the original Hairspray).

    My favorite read didn’t even come from the mini-challenge; it came at the top of the episode when Katya said that “you can smell the resentment in the room, almost as much as you can smell Violet’s B.O.”. Katya was also exceptional in the main challenge. The final vote is gonna come close between her and Ginger.

    I’ll be satisfied once Kennedy leaves. She reminds me too much of Coco Montrese, and not necessarily in a good way (I think it’s those scarily large blue eyes).