Housewives, Hip Hop & Hypocrisy.
  • hot cawfeee

    sorry I am late to the party !
    I thought “bow” was maybe carny talk…….Sweet Baby Jeebus LeeAnne—you are one step forward and two steps back……..calm down……maybe a little less wine and thats ME talking!!
    I think Brandi is headed for divorce too……her kids are really cute
    Carey….growing to like her–must be her not giving and F*&% that appeals to me b/c LeeAnne cares too much
    Stephanie……meh….she seemed very different from the commercials pre-season
    Sorry guys—- I have to have a few drinks before I watch this group

  • hot cawfeee

    isn’t Stephanie’s husband from money ?

  • jammer

    My boyfriend, in all seriousness, asked if Carey was a man. He thinks I’m messing with him when I say, “No.”

  • Marguerite

    I live in South Carolina. In this part of the South, if someone “bows” or Bows up” at you, that is like when guys get all puffed up in each other’s faces or “bows up” in each other’s faces. Usually, here, if you bow, you better be ready to throw down because it is a challenge to fight.

  • BrassMonkey

    I am still wondering what happened to that child

  • yellowlabowner

    What was that weird triangle of hair on Tiffany’s head when she was at LeeAnne’s?

    Didn’t Aaron Carter have bad hair back in the day?

    Ugh Brandi. I really don’t like seeing relationships break down on my television screen.

    What is going on with Stephanie’s face. Does her weight fluctuate? I didn’t realize that was her at lunch.

    I fluctuate on Cary. Not sure if I like her or not.

  • yellowlabowner

    Obviously growing apart and neither care enough to do something about it. You can see they are just going through the motions. They have been together for almost 20 years if we are to believe they started dating around freshman year of high school.

  • yellowlabowner

    Except for maybe Stephanie, I don’t believe any of them are wealthy enough for society.

  • yellowlabowner

    LeeAnne’s bitterness reminds me of Kate on Below Deck.

  • yellowlabowner
  • BrassMonkey

    I watched that scene at least 5 times, because I thought I must have missed something. Nope. Just a missing child.

  • ethorne

    LeAnn’s a terrible friend. Tiffany told her she wanted to get to know Cary & Stephanie. So she decides to berate them at lunch, “imparting her information” and repeating that your friends reflect on you. No shit, bitch. Grab a mirror.

  • Kelli3222

    I’ve lived in Texas all my life & no, that expression is not used. She’s crazy. Also, to get into any society in Texas, you have to be a very wealthy contributor. Can’t say LA is that. She’s crazy as hell.

  • I now see why Brandi is on this show. She’s preparing for the eventual divorce and making sure she has an income. Her husband doesn’t seem to care if she exists or not and I agree with you saying he was only upset she was on camera at the strip club.

  • I was perplexed by the bow comment and I asked several friends who were born and raised in that area and they had never heard it before. But apparently, nobody in the world has ever heard that expression before so they had to go directly to the housewife to ask her to clarify it. Apparently, this chick is trying to pass it off like an expression that is used but they never say where that expression came from. Here’s the link, I think she’s a moron who got caught up in a made up phrase so now she’s trying to pass it off as a common saying.

  • Crissy Davis Brown

    I’ve lived in the DFW suburbs since September 2005. I hadn’t heard that expression until LeeAnne used it.

  • glittangrease

    Also as far as Brandi’s husband (Stephanie’s too prob) is concerned he’s probably one of those guys that wants the ‘cool girl’ (couldn’t resist) but once the ring goes on, expects her to transform into June Cleaver.

  • glittangrease

    Stephanie needs to take a page out of Cary’s book and stay unbothered. Idk why she is so shaken by LeeAnne, she’s nothing but hot air. LeeAnne said she left the table because she she had enough, but really she knew she was admitting defeat.

    Idk maybe LeeAnne is bitter about the fact that other women (Brandi specifically) won the cash cow with minimal effort and time and she’s still clawing her way through the trenches of B level (I’m being generous) charity events. I feel what the other girls have one-upped LeeAnne on is that they’re not trying so damn hard; they’re kinda up front about being messy in their own way. If that makes any sense.

  • WonderDots

    Great recap.

    Who put LeeAnne in charge? Having lunch with Carey and Stephanie so she can let them know what’s appropriate behavior, GTFO.

    I don’t know if it’s a bad Botox job or what, but there is something off about Brandi’s forehead.

  • Charlotte Bean

    Usually men bow up – meaning they puff their chests and hold their arms out at that odd angle meant to show off muscle – threatening physical aggression. As far as I know, it only applies to that physical action, not vague catty behavior. I have also never heard anyone use bow at, they would say, “Don’t bow up at me.” I didn’t realize it was a southern thing (Cary and TRav on wwhl indicated that it was). So maybe those are regional differences.

    I was a little worried about the missing baby girl too!!

  • Mrs Tim Riggins

    Thank you for noticing that a child was missing, I thought for sure it might be mentioned but nope, 4 kids left, only 3 returned.