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RaindyDayPercocet is a television obsessed 30 year old who is currently between jobs and living with her mother-in-law and husband. Luckily, she's found a good therapist and things should be on the up and up soon enough. Her mother-in-law has DVR and all the channels, so recapping was going to be imminent. She hasn't done online recaps since her days obsessing over American Idol.
  • CrazyDutchwoman

    I do not want to be mean but it seems to me someone new is writing these recaps? I liked the snark and I am not looking for a fan blog. Madelyn used to wrote them. She quit? O Maci is so good.Maci is a controlling mum. Not sure that means she is a good mum. I see her in 3 years from now and I am being nice, dating another guy and telling the world she is pregnant.

  • LisawatchestoomuchTV

    Gary. Is. Disgusting. I seriously have a hard time watching him on the screen. I’m normally a very calm, laid back person, but something about him and his smirks, and his manipulative remarks make ME want to punch him. I can’t imagine being Amber.

  • Aw man, a long distance move has kept me from my garbage TV, but let me just say re: sex ed, the only way to do it is how they do it in Mean Girls: tell them how serious the implications are then ply them with condoms.

    “Don’t have sex. You will get pregnant and die. Now pass around some rubbers.”

    Telling anyone to wait till marriage is only going to make them more curious.

  • RainyDayPercocet

    EWWW I cannot think about this. LOL. I’m gonna puke.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Only if the Nair can be applied with a water cannon. ‘Cuz I’m not interested in being within a city block of that slab of human Crisco. Or his body hair.

  • Chicken Lips

    I cracked up about Amber’s phone, too. I want to add “the Hairy Fairy” to all my contacts now.

    I feel really bad for Amber – she has no friends it seems except that producer. I hope that its just that her friends don’t want to be on camera (unlike only-there-when-the-cameras-are Cousin) and not that she’s all alone.

    And seriously – did Gary’s mom hit up Glamour Shots before stopping by? I don’t remember her being gussied up before.

    I’m already over Farrah, Debra, and Doormat Mykull. Although she does have a point about them dropping her and now deciding that she should be back on the show.

  • Maybe everyone should tackle Gary and Nair him!! I’m so over him.

  • RainyDayPercocet

    In Maci’s defense, she’s an adult and was told she most likely would never be able to get pregnant again. Also, telling teenagers to wait till marriage is just silly. I understand feeling like your grandparents will be disappointed with you, even if it is irrational. Hopefully, when she gives speeches now, she will add in, even if they told you it wasn’t possible for you to get pregnant….use protection.

    I hadn’t noticed that, but yeah, where are her parents? Maybe, they are just over being on tv. If Ryan doesn’t want Shelby to be a topic on the show, don’t have her on the show. I’ve had it with people on reality tv acting ridiculous about what can and can’t be discussed.

    Gary IS an asshole!! We agree there.

    Agreed on Tyler! I hope he learns from watching this season back.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Sound like working with Farrah is just like working with La Lohan: in the end, everyone loses.

  • Shaunetta

    I’m sorry but I think Maci having a safe sex platform while living with a man and having unprotected sex is both irresponsible and hypocritical. How can she counsel other girls to use protection and wait, when she’s had two unplanned pregnancies? Also the whole my grandparents will think I’m a bad person so marry me nonsense is getting old. If they didn’t care that she lived with and had sex with Kyle for years and is now living and sleeping with Taylor out of wedlock why would they mind another grandchild? I also notice that Maci’s parents refused to be filmed this season. Ryan is a jerk, that’s obvious, but he has a right to not have his relationship issues become a part of Teen Mom, I thought it was respectful of Dalis not talk about their issues on camera for the whole world to judge. Gary is an asshole who is obviously toying with Amber and Kristina. I did find it telling that Amber’s brother questioned whether Gary fathered Kristina’s baby, I’m wondering if there is a story there we aren’t hearing. I know that her ex husband has primary custody of their daughter, which probably means she has some issues. Tyler came across as a complete dumbass, Carly is not his child and he needs to stop calling her his kid. Brandon and Theresa are Carly’s parents, they have raised her from birth, take care of her emotionally, physically and financially. Tyler buys her toys and plays with her once a year, he’s at best a distant relative. Carly’s parents have the right to do interviews, magazine covers and anything else they want with their children.