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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • PinkyAndNoBrain

    Really? I didn’t see that at all. I thought she was as un-shady as she could be, and those two happened to be the ones left over. Don’t me wrong; I don’t think this girl is a saint by any means, but in the most recent Untuckeds she’s been massively growing on me.

  • PinkyAndNoBrain

    I like it. It feels less artificial . . . or as real as these kinda things can get.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Jaidyn Dior Fierce was a lovely kid, but she was still wearing training wheels. I hope her mother and brothers watch the show and stop denying who she is.

    This was the best episode yet this season.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I had no idea they were were going for a 12-foot long boob. All that was missing was the damn hotdog bun.

    My mama always tol’ me to wear a brassiere, if I didn’t want gravity to have it’s ugly way. Looks like their moobs lost the war.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Heh, that lyrical description of the Mange’s farty stank attitude threw me back to Jiggly’s Geisha, “…that’s not soy sauce in your panties…”

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I think it’s much more real than the televised Untucked was. There’s certainly a lot more poor mouthing going on, at least from Ginger Mange and Kennedy. Never an attractive look in lounge wear.

  • My friend Laura and I always liked to say, “It’s only offensive if it isn’t funny.” And Trixie did managed to find the humor, which is probably why she was cast.

    But still … big, ballsy move to audition with that.

  • Sermonette

    Totally. If Sasha was a total suck ass she would have tanked the lip-sync. Ginger should be thanking Sasha.

  • Sermonette

    ooooh. i think the online version is nastier. ijs.

  • Sermonette


    I agree. If Ginger Manje makes Violet look warm…we have problems.

  • Sermonette

    It’s a ballsy choice, for sure. But considering that public opinion made Ru change Shemail….This would have been a problem.

  • Lady Shahady

    The thing that really upset me about Trixie’s Snatch Game audition was how hard I laughed at it. Like, one of those trying-not-to-laugh laughs that get kind of painful. That ring tone? All the incarnations of shushing? Oy vey. I was verklempt even.

    Thank goodness those producers have some common decency. Although, maybe they laughed too and THEN told her no??

  • Lady Shahady

    As much as it pains me to credit Ginger, Sasha looked really lovely in that hair and make-up, too.

    But Lordy Lord…those boobies were just a crying shame. And so was the costume.

  • beijobabe

    The on-line Untucked sucks. I miss my Interiors Illusion Lounge. I miss my Pink Furry Box. I miss the shit stirring and drink throwing and drama. These bitches just wanna “take a load off” when they get offstage. B.O.R.I.N.G.
    In the words of Kennedy …. IJS

  • Lipio

    I didn’t notice the tattoo but yes, she likes to stir things up and create drama. The whining during Untucked was too much…glad Pearl told her to can it because she was obviously going to be safe.

    ” it wasn’t entirely Sasha’s fault ” Yup. And Sasha actually deserves credit for how she turned it out on the LSFYL. A lot of blogs are basically just crapping on her and blaming her for Ginger being in the bottom 2.

    At this point Katya, Pearl and Trixie are the top 3 for me and Katya should be the rightful winner.

  • Lady Shahady

    Oh all RIGHT. I’m woman enough to admit that I owe you an apology, Sermonette: I think your instincts about Violet at the beginning of the season may just have been on point. I have been unwillingly, dejectedly and petulantly won over. I believe she may have cemented my change of heart the moment she seemed as totally freaked-out EXCITED as I was by this challenge.

    Violet’s enthusiasm was thrown into even sharper relief by Ginger – the stank she emanated in that workroom was the on-screen equivalent of a close-quarters Korean kimchi and soju fart.

    But on to cheerful thoughts, “dish-tinguished panel of” reader-sh. TRIXIE!!!!!!!!!! I watched their runway, paused to swoon and titter, and then rewound the DVR and watched it all over again. Because YASSSSSS.

    I’m heartened to see Katya’s humor was showcased more this episode.

    Y’all. This episode was SO. MUCH. FUN.

    Thanks for the recap, Sermonette!!

    PS – did anyone else notice that the clip of the she-done-already-done-had-herses siren/beckoning was from last episode? It was weird.

  • Sermonette

    The Man Boobs were intense. Did you notice Ginger’s Drama/Comedy mask tattoo? If you have that tattoo, you cannot deny that you are a shit-stirrer.

  • Sermonette

    Trixie definitely did not win on her own, as it’s been suggested by various Trixie-stans. If they’d paired her off with JDF, Trixie still would have gone home.

    Shady or not, Kennedy pairing Tempest with JDF may have been a strategy, but in my estimation, it was ultimately a mercy kill. JDF needed to go. But do not mourn her – maybe she has a shot at Miss Congeniality. No matter what she’s coming out of this competition way better off than she went into it.

    I thought Katya’s mini-challenge look was smart, but I think the mini-challenge winner is always chosen at random. Or for maximum drama. I think that Kennedy picking teams puts her in the hot seat with the other girls who already think she’s tough to tolerate.

    Kennedy winning comedy challenges exemplifies how little real humor we have this season. I’m hoping that as the competition intensifies, the queens will give us more moments like this week – It was the first truly funny episode this season.

  • Meg

    I’m not so much liking Ginger’s attitude during the Untucked episodes. Yikes. Talk about bitter. Sweetie, it wasn’t entirely Sasha’s fault that you wound up in the bottom.

    I hate when queens come on the show and are all, “I can’t sew!”. Girl, if you’re gonna audition for Drag Race, take some damn sewing lessons! Even if you don’t make it on the show, it’s still a good skill to have. You KNOW there’s going to be at least 2 or 3 sewing challenges! It’s just as bad as the girls who come in and aren’t prepared for Snatch Game and act like Snatch Game is such a surprise at this point in the game.

    They do have a point…Violet is considerably more tolerable than she was at the beginning of the season. Good for her, not carrying on with the whole “I’m-prettier-than-all-of-you-bow-to-me” act anymore.

  • Lipio

    Great twist to the usual bring-back-a-queen episode. Still trying to figure out why the f- Kenya Michaels got to come back.

    Yay for Trixie. Finally a queen is back that may actually have a shot at lasting more than one episode.

    I was very surprised at Kennedy’s approach to assigning partners. She either is fond of Pearl or she doesn’t think much of Trixie’s chances

    JDF, so long. Seems sweet but “basic” feels like the correct descriptor

    I’m traumatized by Ginger and Sasha’s floppy man boobs.

  • Trixie’s Snatch Game audition was, umm, yeah. Wow. At least the producers knew enough to tell her NOT to even think about bringing it to the show. On the one hand, it shows a truly fearless queen on the other, what was she thinking?

    Still, I’m glad she’s back. She was the class of the queens who got canned and if she can sneak in and get rid of Ginger or Kennedy before the final three I’m good.

    But I think Katya was robbed in the mini-challenge. Kennedy’s actual outfit was one of the worst but she won because she gave herself ashy knees, suggesting she thought about the details. But so did Jaidynn. Katya went full Pussy Riot and was funny, too.

    I guess I’m just not seeing what’s so great about Kennedy. We haven’t seen the twirling, swirling dancing queen she claimed to be and her comedy is, at best, open mic/UCB intro class level. Not necessarily awful, just not professional in any way.

    I do think she was trying to be fair in pairing the queens, though. Why else pair up Trixie and Pearl? Pearl had been doing better of late and Trixie was clearly the only real threat of the eliminated queens. If she was being shady, she would have paired up Trixie with Jaidynn. No way would they have come up with a winning concept.

  • BPB’s Twin

    Did you not see the end of the episode, where Kennedy was smirking it up about her strategy? She fucked JDF over. She’s spiteful, bitter, and needs a serious fucking attitude adjustment. She’s so thoroughly convinced of her own superiority.