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OriginalCyn is a vodka infused vegan whose weaknesses are homemade ice cream and Taco Bell. She lives in the Bay Area with her dog Mr. Parker Posey, and a few other furry friends who are mostly assholes (Cats. The assholes are cats). Her interests are rainy days in bed with a book, watching The Love Boat, and bragging about completing two triathlons several years ago. Her dislikes are dry weddings, Nicholas Sparks movies, and people who point out that Taco Bell is not vegan.
  • Jules

    I think she’s one of those chicks that have gotten to a certain age and are desperate to get married.

  • Jules

    This show is a hot mess and have a love/hate relationship with it.

    I also live in the Bay Area and enjoy T & R. Hayward really is horrible.

    I want to punch Nadine everytime she is on screen and I did the same dumb thing…married someone I had known 6 months. He turned out to be a raging sociopath. At least I didn’t get pregnant.

    I also can’t stand Kirk. He’s not being as big of a DB as he was in the past but I don’t understand why these people are so set on getting pregnant so quickly. Yuck!

  • yellowlabowner

    It’s great to see the dichotomy of these people and you can see some of the reasons there is love. But T&R are really hitting it out of the park. Clone that man or at least his behaviors.

  • I’m kind of boggled by this turn of events myself. What’s the big rush???

  • lilcinboise

    Not sure if I can finish this season out if it’s going to be “Newlyweds: Keeping up with the Duggars”. Why are these people so anxious to crank out the babies?

  • Oooh, I didn’t know that! But it ended up looking like he did a great job no matter what.

  • yellowlabowner

    “It was cheaper to get just the petals.” – say what? Nope those puppies are more expensive than getting the flowers. What show did I see that on?

  • Post-Publish Embarrassment Cringe: Shaw = Shah. Good lord. It was very late when I typed this up!!

  • Sara

    I’m not feeling Nadine at all. You never get why she loves Erik.