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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • Aunt Dorsey

    That typeface had me seeing Handy Ho the whole season. Michelle didn’t even bother to ask her what she was planning on being for Snatch Game during her Whatcha Packing segment, unless I dozed off and missed it.

    I am loving Max. Keep po’ mouthing ladies. It has the opposite effect that you intend it to.

    Merle was a great judge the first two seasons. She actually gave constructive criticism since she was a fashion journalist, instead of off-the-wall crap like, “I hate green, that dress looks like fungus.”

  • Aunt Dorsey

    The Glamor Toad is starting to remind me of mating season in Ft. Leavenworth—there are desiccated toad frisbees covering the roadways everywhere during humping season. The toad and her cronies should take note.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I’m also liking that our chubby Ross Matthews is back. The hungry one, bitchy one was not much fun. I was delighted when he countered Visage on her unreasonable demand for Max to change the color of her hair.

  • sarcasatire

    Yes! Why so many acting and group challenges??

  • Lipio

    vallegirl get all the likes for ragging on Ginger and her big bag of bullcrap. I never thought I would dislike a contestant on this show more than Boxxy Mandrews…Ginger is getting awfully close. And Kennedy’s persona is god-awful. I don’t care how good her lipsyncs are, she needs to go.

  • Lady Shahady

    Who knew Ross Matthews was so plucky and spunky and stuuuuff? He delights me. I’m delighted.

    Attention, Ginger: whatever charm I thought existed behind your humor has
    vanished in puff of black temple spray. And oh by the way, stop
    whisper-rooting your Dementor thoughts in people’s ears! Either keep
    that shit to yourself, talk about it to the camera during interview
    time, or hurl it into the center of the group and run for cover.

    Vallegirl, “yukka yukka” came to my mind. For the record, I found the funniest
    thing about her performance to be Katya’s description of it.


    I thought Max’s look was ethereal and tragic and lovely when it walked.
    When I noticed the subtle shimmer in her hair and make-up during
    Untucked, I gasped. I swooned. I lived.

    Kennedy reminds me of Roxxxy – she did one funny characterization early on, but
    we soon realize that it’s the only one she’s got. But who knows? Maybe
    she’ll “morphasize” into something funnier.

    Sigh. Poor English. What did it ever do to anyone?

    Pearl’s “redemption/comeback/awakening” feels a little contrived, but I am still kind of loving her.

    Turns out that Candy, among all her other charms, is the kind of coward who
    says threatening things under her breath in a group conversation. BGB.

    I liked Merle being back, too, but I’m grateful for my judges having “some stank on them” (I mentioned my Ross-love, yes?).

  • I was really puzzled as to why Katya won, even after watching the show again…I thought untucked was food for thought though, the shade dealt by Ginger, Kennedy and Katya made me like them more, they were actually funny while at the same time being bitter and old, which can be funny also. Maybe Stockholm syndrome is setting in, but I have gotten used to these queens now and feel something for all of them, and don’t hate anyone, including Ginger although I agree her drag is very tired. I was surprised to hear her claim to be a bear, since I have never imagined bear drag queens, but hey, why not? as for the young queens, well I anticipate that Snatch game is going to be painful, I can’t imagine Fame, Violet or Pearl doing satire or anything funny.

  • Sermonette

    Ooohh Katya as Christine Baranski would make my life! I think she could do her justice.

  • Gabby

    I realize it would be hard to make her funny, but I have been wanting Katya to do Christine Baranski for Snatch Game since episode two. I heard she might be doing a Russian gymnast instead, which I am MORE than okay with.

  • Sermonette

    Ginger does have a stupid face, and she is a bulldozer, but I did lol at the tit twist. I hate to admit it bc I agree she basic. And the biggest shit stirrer ever.

    Please let’s have a sewing challenge! I miss the project runway angle of the show. All this acting is making me a lil crazy.

  • I’ll say it: I didn’t think Ginger was all that great as Michelle. She’s hammy and doesn’t know how to do anything subtly and she works poorly with others. The skits are stupid but she’s such a bulldozer that anyone with the slightest wit will get crushed by her WokkaWokkaWokkaness so it becomes the Ginger show.

    I honestly thought Jaidynn, Fame and Pearl did the best. Or least worst. No team was actually good. Jaidynn was certainly no worse than whatever Kennedy was doing as Ru, and Pearl and Fame were funny, to me, as Michelle and Merle. Or at least equally funny instead of being the Ginger that ate Tokyo show.

    But this could be because I generally want to punch Ginger’s stupid face. She’s basic but thinks she’s the shit.

  • Meg

    Is it just me, or did Kennedy’s outfit look just like Coco Montrese’s “favorite body part” outfit from season 5? Right down to that weird mohawk ponytail thing. I was hoping they’d pull the whole “you’ll be judged as individuals” thing so the judges could rip into her for that look and performance.

    But yay, Katya won! I’m dying to see who she’s doing for Snatch Game. The girl’s full of great one-liners from week to week. And Max as Sharon Needles (as the previews indicate)!

    Snatch Game usually ones one of two ways: the obvious comedy queen wins (Jinkx, Ben de la Creme) or the out-of-left-field queen wins (Tatianna, Stacey Layne Matthews).