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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • Aunt Dorsey

    I’m sorry she was so nervous, but other than that brief glimpse of Joan Rivers, we never got to see it.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Actually, I share the demented chicken love (roosters are assholes) and also have a thing for goats for too, since they think they’re lap dogs. But I’m too old to keep them now and all I can wrangle is one lone geriatric cat.

  • c8h10n4o2

    I kind of think that “super-veiny hockey dad” was her apex moment.

  • I think the cognitive dissonance of a glamour queen coming from the Central Valley makes Fame’s chicken obsession seem weird, but she’s still just a kid who grew up in the Central Valley raising chickens. And giving FACE! FACE! BEAUTY FACE!

  • Wendy Dahling

    Ahhhh Celebrity Mole with Kathy Griffin good times, good times.

  • Gabby

    I actually liked MKD’s rant. To me, had she done it in front of the judges, I would have hated it and it would have been whiney. But it sucks and stings when people always preach “If you want something bad enough, it’ll happen” when that is NOT always true. You can want and try harder than anyone, but if they are just naturally more talented, there’s nothing that can be done, even if they put in half of the work you do.

    Sorry, repressed memories of high school sports coming back!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Thanks for getting this recap done whilst under the hardships of jetsetting it. You are not alone Sermonette. I am kind of way over Kathy Griffin. I loved the early, gawky, unadulterated, Celebrity Mole-appearing, pre-plastic surgery, actual D-list Kathy; not this slick, designer-wearing, over-exposed parody of herself.

    This was the best, most fabulous mini-challenge evah! I lurved paper dolls as a little girl. I think I’ve watched that segment about ten times on the Logo app and will, no doubt, watch it again. Mrs. Kasha Davis and Miss Fame killed it down to the wrinkled elephant hose on that swan, but I loved all of them. Max as Cher and Ru doing the wa-wa boobie boing Jello test bounce was delightful fun. And Violet tip-toe running away….

    The Miss Fame Chicken Whisperer segment was a hoot. The ins and outs of chicken bung-hole inspection. Who knew that it would take some broody clucking to coax some semblance of human emotion out of Violet Chachki.

    Untucked was off the chain. I know it’s upsetting to be in the bottom, but I didn’t think Mrs. Kasha Davis’ rant about how she didn’t mind being in the bottom, but it was so unfair when she’d tried out for seven years, and some girls weren’t trying and had given up, yada yada yada…. woof. Have a seat, drink your whine and please zip it. You’re a nice lady, but honey you were kind of like one of the PTA ladies on a week night out on the town. Banal. So no Liza Minelli in an authentic pre-rehab Lisa Minelli designed HSN outfit for us.

    I liked the Ginger Minj’s lovely hubby and dog. Hope they had a big box of tissue back there, because that really set those ladies off.

  • Merry

    The bizarre talk of chickens actually made me start to warm up to Miss Fame, and she was fairly funny in her acceptance speech. I get the feeling that those chickens were her friends, maybe even her babies the way pets can be, and she didn’t get a whole lot of practice socializing with humans. Her clear enthusiasm for her chickens was awkward and a little dorky, but kind of adorable.

    No mention of Pearl leaving and letting Max apparently write the bulk of their material? I’m trying not to be mad at Pearl, but she’s coming across petulant and lazy and I don’t think she deserved the win. She may feel “picked on,” but compared to what some queens have faced at the hands of the judges, she hasn’t had it so rough.