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Gay baby advocate
  • ali

    She is very much bi racial. The trick to the black dna.ha. usually when the father is white and mother is black the child has a slight tint but the hair is more refined than that of the black american hair. Now if the mother is white and father is black the hair is more like the curly but african american hair. At times you cant tell if the person is mixed the look more like a lighter skin tone with a slight yellow or red tint. Just my observation. But check it out yourself

  • ali

    That comment from ginger is stupid as stupid is. These shows are not to say its Monday night time to watch the colored people act a fool and any other race throughout the week. We are who we choose to be.

  • I just wanna know is Chloe bi – racial?

  • ginger

    Haha get to see white people be dumb on t.v…..priceless

  • carol

    Plain and simple, it’s a stupid show taking up air space that a good show could use

  • debra

    What a bunch of pretentious assholes… this site and some commenters… not the family. I think they are a hoot and wish them luck.

  • I worry about the intentions of this family in regards to ‘Catherine’. I wonder if she’s got money. Because when this Chrisley family loses all their money in the variety of lawsuits and bankruptcies, you better believe they are going to use her up for every last cent she’s got. I can’t believe they ate dinner and parked this poor old woman in the living room by herself. This is a family of leeches and manipulators. I wouldn’t trust them for a second around anyone with an extra $20 lying around.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Bless your heart, this is TrashTalkTV. We try our very best not to say anything nice, but thank you for the platitude. It was precious.

  • P.J.

    Change the channel, bycatburns. I didn’t read your comments because I was looking for them. I was trying to find info on the grand babies. I won’t google info for that again.

  • Joy

    I think it is hysterical

  • Ann Dashiell

    I think it’s a entertaining look at a large family who deals with the same problems everyone faces with children. He is not a beer drinking, cigar smoking male; his personality is more feminine, who cares? He loves his family…. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

  • ali

    If the show is this bad where everything that is said or done there is a such thing as change the channel and invite the world to watch your new show. My life maybe more fucked up then the Chrisley’s

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I totally agree with considerthis — this sideshow is more tightly scripted than Duck Dynasty or Myrtle Manor — and trying rilly, rilly hard to be a quirky, heart-warming meld of those two shows. Instead of groady patriarch Phil spouting homey peckerwood platitudes and praising jeebus, we get Chrisely’s homilies about what he supposes is his endearingly eccentric family.

    I like my train wreck TV to have at least a semblance of spontaneity, i.e. reality. Catburns, your recaps are way more entertaining than this hot mess.

    That whole pantomime at the sweet sixteen party with the omnipotent wise daddy Chrisely rousting his horny, will-rut-anything-at-the-drop-of-a-hat son out of the car before he defiled that sweet young thang was such utter horse shit. And I hate to tell them but the whole prom dress is too skimpy, daddy-doesn’t-approve-so-you’ll-have-to-wear-a-burqa schtick was already done on Duck Dynasty and it was just as asinine and contrived.

    And what was 7-year-old Grayson doing dancing the night away at the sweet sixteen party. Was the curfew at 7:00 p.m.? Was that on his bucket list?

    The whole car accident thing was beyond ridiculous. This show falls into the “hate watch” territory for me.

  • considerthis

    Great recap and spot on with your assessments of this train wreck of a family. The contradictory nature of this show has my head constantly spinning (perhaps like one of Kyle’s drug benders).

    Where to begin…with the 2 eldest children having some major issues and the nest two well on their way – I am going to have to respectfully disagree that Chrisley Knows Best. Perhaps a better title might be Chrisley Knows Best how to Fu&k Up His Kids?

    Kyle – NEED a full blown bio on this rebel without a clue. 1 million in rehab before he turned 23 yrs old – banging a married woman and becoming a baby daddy – loves the jiggley room. Lives (steal money and meds) with his Mamaw and her lesbian sex slave. NOW that’s a reality star in the making! You know he was shooting up Kerosine and banged some married (hubby in prison) crack ho workin the pole at Ted’s TA TA emporium.

    Lindsay (my favorite name and will only spell it this way) – Forget the boobs – get this girl a meal. She screams eating disorder and controlling food and running away from controlling dad into the arms of Zzzz fits perfectly. She too needs help.

    Savannah – She will be the best model money can buy. Will not be able to rely on her intelligence to get by in the world. Please along with big sis get buy one get one free nose jobs. Her nasally whine is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

    Mom – She obviously to a page out of Kyle’s playbook and between the pills and booze in comfortably numb playing beard.

    2 other sons – Seem to be trying too hard for the cameras and are soooo scripted.

    Please keep the “behind the scenes” scoop coming as it is often more interesting than the show.