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Luscious is an aspiring writer, but currently makes her living as a film accountant, which is incredibly tedious. She takes her frustrations out on the silly shows she watches. Her ultimate dream is to compete on the Amazing Race with her amazing husband. Oh, and also to have a book published and have critics say her talent is wasted on her beloved romance genre. She lives in Southern California.
  • I love your review! Keep writing in any style you so desire!

  • The show is hilarious!!!!! I always LOL when I watch each episode.

  • circuitmonkey

    Appreciate the effort you put into it but I was not a fan of the stylistic choice. A tough show to recap, the format of two segments, to wit , one complete tool bag you love to hate vs. One decent, albeit somewhat clueless dude is already entrenched after only 2 episodes.

  • Luscious

    Hi Lynda! The jury is out on whether or not I’ll continue the science journal. I wanted to see the feedback from readers to decide. Right now it looks like the vote is 3-1. Anyone else care to weigh in?

  • Jury’s out Lynda. I was waiting to see how this one is received to choose how to approach the next. My intention was to talk like a scientist, rather than an alien. But it might be too cerebral. The vote right now looks like 3-1.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Different strokes for different folks, etc., because Luscious had me at that picture explaining how them tasty rooster nuggets are made.

  • Lynda

    This recap could’ve been hilarious, as watching the men on this show is ridiculous. That said, you lost me when you started talking like an alien. It became non-funny and didn’t get any better over the next page or so, at which point I gave up. Just wondering if this will be your approach to all recaps of this show. 🙁

  • jrschimes

    i too would never watch this show..but based on the intro i was intrigued ..glad i did! funny! i found this close to the original Robin Wiiliams role of Mork! nanew nanew..haha. look forward to next one 🙂

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I took a pass on this show, however, I will not be taking a pass on your future transmissions. It’s safe to assume that your reports are light years’ more entertaining than Bravo’s show.

  • NotWithoutMyTV

    We hairless monkeys are an endless source of amusement… well done.

    Commander Stolimpatchen would probably find a viewing of the average Hip Hop music video to also be highly informative of the male-female sexual dynamic.