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  • notwithoutmyTV

    I don’t think Leuh realizes much of anything. Or, whenever her instincts warn her she’s about to become a victim in some self-actuated debacle, she just goes into soft-talking, hair-twisting, little-girl-lost mode.

    This must be how small-town girls wind up traveling through the midwest, waiting cars, gnawing a their lip gloss and listening for sirens as their bad boy friends robs hayseed banks. (At least on TV. In real life, I guess girls like Leuh just slowly put on weight, get a job at Supercuts, and do porn cam shows.)

  • Chicken Lips

    I had missed the initial spelling of Leuh (I typically listen to this show, not really watch-watch), so I saw it for the first time when they showed her mom and I thought they made a typo and wondered how that slipped through. Because seriously. Seriously. I can only imagine the scene when they filled out that paperwork: “Hey Stu, did she say ‘Leah’ for the kid’s name?” “Yuh.” “How you spell that?” “Like it sounds, dummy! L-E-U-H.”

    I really felt bad for poor KY Jamie. But what I don’t understand is how Leuh found out that he’s basically “dating” every Midwest/Northeast/Mid-Atlantic girl that messages him on Instabook, yet she’s still “OK, let’s get married!” Does she not realize that once he’s married he’s still gonna do the same crapola?

  • You have no idea how fucking stupid I felt every time I had to type the word “Leuh.” It felt like I was writing duhhhhhh duhhhhh duhhhhhhh

  • sagittariuskim

    Hopefully Leah (I’m not spelling it that way) will be on the reunion show.
    What did Justin do to Todd?!

    And yay I got mentioned in a recap!