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The Morally Corrupt Babylegs is a graduate of New York University, where she learned no applicable skills, and now boasts a doctorate in Reality Television Studies. She lives in Richmond, Virginia where she is slowly poisoning herself on cheap wine, Totinos Pizza Rolls, and reruns of "Wife Swap." She is the proud and embarrassing mother to two rescue dogs and a cat, who enjoy relieving themselves all over the carpet.  Follow Babylegs on Twitter and Instagram @babylego for free legal advice and to meet fun, sexy singles in your area. If you like making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape, then you're the love that she's looked for; write to her and escape.
  • yellowlabowner

    I can’t believe this show is still on. Isn’t Max married?

  • Safari

    My sentiments exactly!! However, I still watch it because a) watching thepeople on it makes ME feel more smarter, and b) it’s one of the only shows – besides TWD – that my son will watch with me and c) I like Nev and Max’s silly shenanigans – particularly Max with his early gray and his snark ;). His cynical nature and realistic view seems to balance out Nev’s (sometimes) overly positive outlook on their situations. Sometimes I forget that Nev was the first (documented) sucker for a Catfish…and that his brother’s documentary on his encounter coined the phrase. Now THAT was a crazy story.

    This show was really great the first season (or two), content-wise, but really seems so forced/routine now as far as the participants go… I’ll have to go read that article.

    Thanks for the caps, Babylegs! 🙂

  • Sorry to get that song stuck in your head! Before I started the recap I thought of it and had to play it on YouTube like 5 times before I could get it out of my head.
    And one of my pet peeves with the people on Catfish – particularly people like Jeanette who claim to be fans of the show – is that YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DO THIS BY NOW. Catfish doesn’t really have any right to be on the air anymore (but if you read the Vulture article Sagittarius posted in this thread, you’ll know it’s actually the Catfish who usually contact the producers first). But if you’re claiming to be a fan of Nev’s, you should know how to reverse search an image on Google and you should know how to find out where a phone number’s registered. You should not need Nev’s help with this.

  • Thank you! Yeah, I knew there was no way they’d waste all that time and money filming things on the fly if they didn’t know how it would turn out. There’s no way they’d book like 6 flights just for everyone to stand on a lawn in the middle of nowhere and be like, well, we tried, but he’s not coming out. Time to go home! There has to be some prep work involved.

  • sagittariuskim

    This is an interview with Max from a couple of years ago. If you don’t feel like reading it
    I’ll sum it up for you. Everybody signs a waiver before filming,but they can still change their mind. Most of the time the catfish contacts them. Producers investigate before filming so they know how long will, it’ll take Nev and Max figure things out. After filming everybody is sent to therapy.

  • Chicken Lips

    I love this show – it cracks me up but makes me incredibly sad at the same time. I laugh at the stupidity, but it makes me sad because the victim is usually really heartbroken. Though it’s usually sooooooo obvious that the person they are speaking to isn’t “real” which makes me shake my head and think how how how???

    In fairness, Derica may not have know this kid in the pictures is in high school. Unless she knows the kid, she probably just found a treasure trove of “good looking” (if his look is what does it for ya) pictures and stole them. And my guess is that the kid may still be in high school but is 18 by now and that’s why they can show the pics. I don’t know for sure and I can’t be bothered to investigate, but I’ll just put it out there.

    This is why I don’t post my picture online anywhere – I don’t want anyone to steal my picture for catfishin’ purposes. Of course, my picture would be the one you send to someone you DON’T want to be interested in you, but I still don’t want it floating around!

  • Safari

    oh, for the love of…! How dense can someone be? I mean, the minute I saw that picture I was like, “uh, that dude is NOT 27. He MIGHT be 17… 27? No.” My son says “You don’t know…”. Um, yes I do.. and so should Jeanette. Shoot. She may be nice but, girl needs to join the real world and stop shopping at Forever 21 (an 2 sizes too small!).

    Babylegs, I died when I read the recap title!! Now I can’t get it out of my head (to the tune of Stacy’s Mom) – dang it! 😉