• minion

    I hate Quinn’s character and I want her killed off. I know that’s mean, but she is aggravating. I felt so badly when Hick said Olivia gave her to him to love.

  • I was happy at the opening of this episode because Liv didn’t fall for the same old ‘Fitz hugging and kissing her and she falls in line’ routine. I text watch this with my friend and when Huck brought the coffee I said ‘ does she even drink coffee, is he drugging her’. Quinn, Quinn, Quinn really…I mean really hasn’t Huck taught you anything about surveillance? You know after I thought about the preview after last weeks episode, it’s not in Mellie’s character to cheat on Fitz. I thought that, that would damage how I view her. Huck was on point when he told Liv that she had him on a leash and I believe with every ounce of my heart that had she not been a Gladiator/Pope associate she would be dead. Huck is a monster that devours people for fun(Love Him).

    I adore Huck’s fierce loyalty towards Liv!

  • KeKe

    This whole episode made me want to slap Olivia. Really?!? Telling the woman whose husband you’re boning that nothing can happen between her and another man?!? I understand what she was saying but how would it put the campaign at any more of a risk than Olivia and Fitz still sleeping together? As of right now I’m soooo Team Mellie.
    And seriously Quinn? Two feet away from the restaurant but using binoculars? Could you be more obvious?