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  • Dipwad

    I do have a warm feeling for Willam too, goddammit. He’s funny as hell, so that’s a big plus!

  • vallegirl

    I always had a crush on Sutan/Raja because she was so stylish in drag and he’s beautiful out of drag and feel the same way about Milk. Especially since Milk wears even higher heels than Raja did. She’s all about the platform which, since he looks to be 6’4″ already, puts Milk near 7′ in heels.

    But Willam is probably the one I think looks hottest IN drag. He’s cute out of it and even with his thick “masculine” thighs, he’s still so sexy in drag.

    All that is to say, I’m totally on board with your support group.

  • Dipwad

    Courtney Act of course! I got hooked watching her on youtube with Willam on the Transfashionable series. I wonder if there’s a drag queen crush support group?

  • Lady Shahady

    Ladylove for a ladyboy? Ooh!!! Escandalo!!! Tell us who!!!

    If you come up with or discover the proper terminology, do share because I have many a drag queen crush myself. Isn’t it nice to know we’re not alone??

  • That’s a good question.

  • Dipwad

    What is it when you’re a straight girl with a crush on a Drag Queen? Is there a name for it?

  • Dipwad

    I totally noticed the flipper too, I even pointed it out to my husband and he gave me the DUH? look. I had to explain, he never watched T&T.

  • Lady Shahady

    Courtney’s friends with Willam?!?! Why didn’t she say so??? I would have been totes more tolerant!!!

  • vallegirl

    Oh. My. Adult flippers. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    And I think that’s kind of the first thing I zoomed in on with Trinity after Bianca said she wanted to prove some queens do have good teeth and hair.

  • vallegirl

    Courtney was in a NOT Willam BeatDown (or whatever the series is called now) video where they were showing how to use the different types of extensions by placing them on various parts of Pit Crew Shawn’s body (heh, pretty funny but may be NSFW) and she is definitely NOT Rebecca Glasscock.

    Of course, that could be the warm glow coming off of Willam and Shawn that made me like her in that video, but any friend of Willam is all right by me.

  • vallegirl

    I don’t understand how this far into the series run that there are still humorless glamour queens who sniff their noses the more outre or comic queens. It’s like they’ve never watched an episode.

    Especially considering that in the first season there was both Tammie Brown, Ongina and Nina Flowers and they weren’t getting side-eyed for not being drag enough. It’s like the queens are regressing.

  • vallegirl

    I don’t think so. Mostly because these queens seem to genuinely dislike each other, as per Bianca and Gia, while the “Heathers v Boogers” feud was completely cooked up in editing since Manila shot some flipcam footage of the final five all hanging out in Shangela’s hotel room.

    Willam even referenced the crafty producer who worked her magic and turned a group who generally got along well enough into the epic Heathers v Boogers feud.

  • MsMmm

    Oops, pardon all the typos, obviously meant MILK and AS

  • MsMmm

    Rooting for Mil so far with April running a close second. Ad for Trinity, I didn’t realize they made flippers for adults!

  • PopePhilly

    I love a weird (a very high compliment from me) queen, so I’m LIVING for Milk.

    I just can’t help but think that Courtney is the new Rebecca Glasscock. I hope she proves me wrong.

  • Merry

    I’m seeing a divide between queens who want to be women and queens who want to be Tyra Banks. It’s the difference between wanting to be glam but also being funny, quirky, and full of personality, and being obsessed with beauty to the point of being dull, bitchy, and totally humorless.

    Gia and Trinity in particular seem to think that being fishy is the only thing a drag queen needs. The look matters of course, but I’m pretty sure Ru is looking for charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent too.

  • PacoSauce

    This season’s going to be an even more annoying reincarnation of Heathers vs. Boogers, isn’t it? Booooooring. And really, Gia has no self awareness if she can’t see that group 2 has the edge.
    My favorites are Ben, April, Milk, And Bianca so far, with Darienne and Courtney showing good potential too. Trinity really is another Tyra Sanchez: boring personality, but pretty talented (her runway makeup was amazing). And as far as being more likeable than Tyra, that’s really not an accomplishment. And Magnolia deserved her elimination, but she did have some witty moments that just makes her runway behavior even more disappointing.

  • vallegirl

    I thought a lot of Bianca’s “hate” was said with a wink and a nod. It looked like she clearly was getting along with the other queens except Magnolia. But I can see how that personality would also put people off.

    I might be enamored of her dimples and big, ripe lips though.

  • vallegirl

    I like Darienne. She’s in the “big girl” camp so I’m sure the editors are making more of it than she probably did, but when they have to craft your essential persona, nuance flies out the window in favor of every minor fat reference she might make. Sewing challenges never favor comic queens since most of them don’t sew, except, oddly enough, Pandora. We’ll see how she fares next week in the schlock-horror acting challenge.

  • vallegirl

    See, I see Milk as a spookier version of Raja since I could totally see Raja pulling out that outfit, but she’d pretty it up instead of freaking it up. As much as I loved Sharon, she was definitely more of a character queen. Milk, despite her protestations that she’s not a glamour queen, does have a touch of glamour to her. She just likes to rough it up.

  • vallegirl

    You and me both. Although, invoking Bey is almost a surefire way of knowing a queen has absolutely nothing else going on so you can easliy ignore her.

  • vallegirl

    Thanks so much. That might be my favorite compliment, ever.

  • vallegirl

    I like to give credit where it’s due.

    And I agree about Kelly. Although I did like having the chance to see more of each queen, seeing just how awful Magnolia was makes me sad that they weren’t all competing together.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    And see, this was exactly what I was afraid of with the two openings business…if they all started at the same time, Magnolia would have been the first to go and Kelly would have had a second chance.
    So sad.

  • Chris Velazquez

    Am I the only one who disliked Bianca del Rio? What an ass she was. I do like snark, don’t get me wrong, but the kind of people who never turn off the snark for one goddamn second piss me the fuck off. That hag better be glad we don’t live near each other, cause I’d be fixing to sabotage all her heels. Nothing like a jerkass bitch having a wobbly spill on a runway to make my heart go pitty-pat with joy.

    But overall, it was a good episode. Most of the queens were likable, the right one went home, and I look forward to the dynamics between both groups. Hopefully the bitchy ones eat each other alive before too long.

  • Jewpacabra

    I’m routin for Darienne because she’s from my home town and a funny bitch. Plus I’ve been the amusement park she is named after like a 100 times.

  • Meaghan

    I’m on the fence about so many of these queens (except for Courtney and April).

    Darienne Lake is Pandora Boxx’s drag mother…so shouldn’t she be funnier? Or campier? Or be able to sew?! As much as I want a big girl to win, I just don’t know about her.

    Milk *could* be a less spooky/gothic version of Sharon, but who knows.

    Please, drag gods, let Bianca throw Gia off a cliff. Or else use EVERY page in her mental rolodex of hate (copyright Bianca del Rio) against her.

  • J-Mo

    If I never ever ever ever ever EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EEVVEERR EEEVVVEEERRR EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH hear aNOTHER fucking queen compare themselves to Beyonce it will be too soon… Jesus that’s tired.

    Back to the recap! 🙂

    love, J-Mo 🙂

  • Lady Shahady

    As I have already raised a glass in honor of Bianca del Motherfuckin’ Rio…I’ll start complaining.

    If my interpretation of Ru’s Werk Room Q&A is at all correct, then the effect of Courtney’s “charm” on me appears to be in line with the effect it’s having on Ru: specifically, it wanes. By the time we got to Untuck, the top right side of my upper lip was in a state of perma-snarl.

    Except for when she kept trying to find the straw of her drink. Because, how your mouth deals with temporarily losing “sight” of a cocktail straw may just be a strong indicator of Who. You. Are. (looking at you, Magnolia)

    Thank goodness for Trinity’s runway presentation because she was coming dangerously close to inciting a perma-snarl herself.

    In other news, Milk is wonderful. So at this point, Courtney’s saving grace is that Milk likes her.

    And I kind of can’t help but love Joslyn, but that may just be on account of how well I can relate to dumb and crazy.

    Vallegirl, your recaps are like a lovely coffee, dessert and digestif all rolled into one delicious literary experience. I suppose I could enjoy the meal without them, but why would I??

  • Meaghan

    I have to run to work, so full thoughts later. I just wanted to say this:

    Somewhere at home, Phi Phi is throwing sh*t at the TV yelling “GO BACK TO PARTY CITY WHERE YOU BELONG!” to all of the queens this week.

  • jarthon

    Yay! I made it into a recap! I feel 50 shades of special! But to the episode!

    This group was leagues better than the first group. Those girls don’t know what they are in for. I mean the first girls hour to wear whatever they wanted for the first meeting and none of them took the chance to wear something nice. Let’s hope that (second) first impressions aren’t everything.

    Bianca was EVERYTHING this episode. If she makes it to any comedy-esque challenge, she’ll slay all of them so hard that the preview for next week’s horror challenge can’t even describe the bloody massacre that’ll happen!

    I am even more sad that Kelly went last week cause it’s hard seeing someone who actually wants to be there go over someone who is there for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully Magnolia watched and can be more self aware of how grating she is.