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  • Kelli3222

    Speaking of money…has anybody read this?
    It is pitiful, the three wives before Robyn have all filed for bankruptcy! To look at the amounts these ladies owed on credit cards alone is mind blowing!
    It’s all just disturbing. They can’t leave this show, they’d lose those houses in their “compound”. Ugh!

  • Bandit

    Parasites! Perfect!

  • My Precious

    LMAO! “Precious gift”…..good times

  • anya

    Just finished flicking through the episodes–couldn’t bear to watch this nauseating crap. Those two middle wives really have been screwed over. They weren’t even asked or invited into a discussion about the divorce–so much for equal partners. And then Skrody doesn’t even respect them enough to tell them himself. What a disgusting excuse for a man he is. Christine is so brainwashed she just went with the flow; Janelle seems smart enough to realize there is something dirty about all this, but too downtrodden to even form her thoughts about it. And Skrody is so cold to the three of them–he acts like he can’t stand being around them, always jittery and wanting to be gone back to his little honeypot, pouty Robyn. Uugh, the pair of them are so unbearably smug, acting as though they are all cut about getting their own way! I don’t think this is about the kids at all–I think it’s about the two of them getting to play house, without the inconvenience of a legal first wife in the background. Repulsive people, all of them.

  • Chicken Lips

    I don’t think the biodad is as bad as they are making him out to be. He doesn’t visit the kids as often as you think he should, Robyn? Maybe because you took them to Vegas and not everyone has the means to go hippity hopping around the country travelling (well, you don’t either, but you sure act like you do). He doesn’t talk to them on the phone, Robyn? Maybe he tries and somehow those calls to get through to the kids.

    I don’t know if she’s just getting the world’s worst edit and maybe she’s a really nice person that isn’t devious in anyway, but just based on what I know about her, I wouldn’t trust Robyn any further than I could throw her.

  • Shaunetta

    Well now she gets to celebrate two anniversaries, her legal and spiritual marriages are on different dates. I wish David Jessup would speak out about this. He has regular visits with the kids. If he’s an abusive monster why did the judge say the kids can decide at 13 which parent to live with?

  • Merry

    I’m totally on Janelle’s side with her WTF reaction. Since Robyn joined the family it’s been all about Robyn, what she wants, what is best for her and her kids. Did anyone consider how they’re going to explain this to Christine and Janelle’s younger children? Is there anyway to say, “Daddy didn’t bother legally marrying your mommy, but it’s super important that he marries mommy #4”?
    Anyway, Chicken Lips makes an excellent point about the situation with Robyn, her ex, and her children. I don’t see biodad giving up his rights in any scenario: if he’s a responsible, loving dad he’ll want to keep his place in his kids’ lives; if he’s the total dick Robyn claims, he’ll keep the rights to screw with her. So this whole divorce Meri / marry Robyn thing makes zero sense…unless it’s to give Robyn what she wants in terms of being “legal wife,” with the rights and eligibility to support and alimony that comes with it.

  • Chicken Lips

    If he’s the butthole extraordinaire Robyn makes him out to be (he stole her precious gift and knocked her up in the process, dontchaknow), then one would think he would refuse to give up his rights.

    That’s what I would do if I was hellbent on jerking my ex around. But I’ve been accused of being a nasty bitch, so maybe that’s just me?

  • anya

    Gross, gross, gross. Why any of these women want to be a favorite to this douche-bag is a mystery to me. He is such a disgusting creep and dumber than a bucket of rocks. I always assumed the women were suckered into this when young, had their self-confidence pounded out of them, got cut off from the real world into their pligy cul de sac, and were exhausted by too many pregnancies and too many children. But maybe they are just as stupid as Skrody and after that TV paycheck. Odious bunch of parasites.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    “They don’t even know if biodad is going to give up his rights.”

    Why WOULDN’T he? I wouldn’t be able to get rid of those parasites, uh, I mean, “dependents,” fast enough.

  • Chicken Lips

    I think there’s more to this divorce than adopting those kids. They don’t even know if biodad is going to give up his rights. Robyn was right – there are 3 steps to adopting stepkids (marriage, termination of parental rights, court approval), but you should make sure all parties are on board or you just wasted time with the divorce. Maybe he already agreed and they just didn’t tell us.

    I think that Janelle has just about had it up to here with these ridiculous people. She left once, but came back so her kids would be with their father and siblings. She’s the only one with a “real” job and I read that she dipped into her retirement fund (or wiped it out completely) to fund the escape to Vegas. Janelle definitely has resting bitch face for sure, but she was probably thinking “How much is this going to cost me?” rather than “I hate that wench” because she’s the one that looks out for the finances while the other ones just throw money around like it’s water.

    I was surprised at Christine’s reaction – she’s usually taking everything as a dig against her and I thought she’d fly right off the handle.

  • Ugh.

  • Chicken Lips

    Another site I visit digs around the Kody Krew’s Twitters and pieced together that Kody and Robyn were in Hawaii right after “the marriage” in Decemberish, so that site is deducing that Robyn got another real honeymoon (the other 3 got camping trips – Robyn’s first honeymoon was a trip to San Diego).

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Which is an EXCELLENT reason why it should, nay, MUST happen. Weddings are just burstin’ with TV dramaz, so I can’t imagine how any self-respecting producer could pass up a politically sensitive Brown wedding…

    …although I just remembered that this is Lifetime, and they may instead choose to show us Christine standing in line at the Nevada DMV, with Trooley, or one of the other mispelled kids, and have each one of them interview about the DMV experience from the unique Brown point of view.

  • I would love for Mr. Wonderful to come for a visit, except his head would probably explode.
    I also hope the “wedding” consists of just a trip to the courthouse and not another actual wedding or even a celebration, if this really is all for legal reasons only. I mean, I’m sure it is for legal reasons, but there is no need for another celebration to make ALL the other wives feel bad while the fact that Robyn is the favorite is reinforced.