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ZeeEnnui is a jaded resident of West Hollywood. She works in social media, but doesn't care about your Facebook status. Her mind was warped at a young age by exposure to repeat viewings of Pee Wee's Big Adventure and classic horror films. A killer Trivial Pursuit player she can astound even herself with the amount of useless knowledge knocking around in her head. She likes her TV classy, dark and cerebral but her biggest shame is how much she enjoys nighttime soaps written for teens.
  • unbeldi

    I just binge-watched the show, and it was fantastic! Why weren’t the ratings better? This would be my third favorite comic book show, right behind Flash and Gotham. At times it would even beat out Gotham. Need to catch up on your recaps, because this was fun to read. Just the right amount of snark, and Angie-as-spy is interesting. 😉

    Sounds like me liking Sousa puts me in a minority, and I’m okay with that. I like having a main character with such a prominent physical issue that doesn’t prevent him from being a good agent. Plus, he came through by showing brains count. Why did no one else think of war plugs? How did he know when to start acting like he was in a trance, though?

    Dottie was an impressive adversary, as was Fennhoff. This is exactly why spy stories are so exciting, and having Peggy face off against Dottie — who appears to have a bit of the classic villain-can’t-be-killed trait (my brain immediately went to Halloween when Michael goes off the balcony).

    Totally agree that Peggy’s attitude at the end seemed at odds with needing to be prove herself, but maybe having done so to the SSR agents was enough for her. I kind of wanted Thompson to say something, but then reconsidered. That would have been out of character for him, and I don’t think the senator would have believed it.

    PLEASE let the show make the return for another run.

  • Snickers

    Coulson should have just done her a favor and dropped her sorry ass out of the group! But no HE HAD TO KEEP her on…god he makes me want to hate him so bad but I can’t! I love him LOL!

  • ZeeEnnui

    Shut up, Skye! Despite having so much focus on Coulson’s favorite whiny baby, I am excited that they made Adrienne Palicki a series regular. Also let’s hope they keep Ward evil (and his wooden acting off screen as much as possible).

  • Snickers

    Yes give Agents another chance! I’ve been waiting for it to come back on but unfortuntely I have to hear Skye moan and moan some more about her life being so hard and now she has powers or some shit like that!

  • Snickers

    God Sousa makes me so mad sometimes! I just want to take his crutch and hit him with it…I’m sitting there thinking to myself “why isn’t this douche just ending a lot of pain and shoot that son of a bitch Russian!” then he hit him so I got some of my love for him back.

  • Eve

    I agree. I’d rather see Carter with One Tree than Sousa at this point. He’s an ass, but not a complete idiot. I’m imagining Super Soldier fish swimming around.

  • sagittariuskim

    Oh, I forgot about Daredevil! It should at least be better than the movie.

    I think I will check out.I was kinda meh about zombies until a few years ago. I read this YA book that was a steampunk, zombie paranormal romance. It was so wonderfully bizarre. So now I’m playing catch up.

  • ZeeEnnui

    Sousa is, and remains, the WORST.
    Daredevil is coming to Netflix next month, I think, so that could be good?
    I am too, my Veronica Mars love runs deep and I love me some zombies. If you haven’t see Warm Bodies yet, definitely check out.

  • sagittariuskim

    I loved that Sousa was more upset about hitting Peggy than trying to kill Thompson. Does that say more about him or Thompson?

    “I hope Dottie remembered to double tap it.” I just watched Zombieland for the 1st time this weekend.

    Sousa now knows that Peggy didn’t sleep with Stark, so I guess she’s back to be pure and worthy of his love again.

    I’m sure worse things than Steve Rogers’ blood has been dumped off the Brooklyn bridge.

    What am I going to do for my Marvel fix now? I guess I’ll give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D another chance.

    I’m really looking forward to iZombie since it’s a Rob Thomas show. And since it’s a Rob Thomas I guess should start preparing myself for its cancellation.