• itchy

    Nope. Next you’ll be talking about getting a navel piercing and tramp stamp. Ain’t gonna happen, gramps. The only alphabet word you get to spell is OK.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    I think my posts might have more energy if I said “OMG!” more… what do you think?

    What if I, like, separated it out, like: “OH. EM. GEE. U. GUYZ!!!!” So that people know I’m really peeing-my-skinny-jeans excited??

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Are the two douchebegonias who directed this calling themselves “The Siblings Wachowski” now? I bet they are.

    I saw the movie poster for this, and I remember wondering why is Channing Tatum standing all weird like that? Now I know it’s because he’s a space werewolf, and he was SMELLING Mila Kunis.

    And that’s where I draw the line. I was out even before I heard about the space roller blades. (But, to be fair, I was kind of out as soon as I heard “Wachowski.” Because of the absence of remorse for Matrix: Everything After the First One.)

  • Merry

    I greatly appreciate the confirmation that this movie is just as pretty and stupid as the trailers made it look. I sure wouldn’t waste money to see it in theaters, but it sounds like (with a supply of marijuana and some like-minded friends) it’ll be a hoot to watch on Netflix in a couple months.

  • ZeeEnnui

    OMG! That was amazing. I could barely get through the trailers for the film, and I don’t think there’s enough whiskey in the world to make me sit through 90 minutes of this, so thanks for taking one for the team. So wait…Channing Tatum is half werewolf (and possibly Barf from Spaceball’s bastard son?) and he gets wings?! Werewolves that roller blade, buy up an entire Sephora’s supply of mascara AND have wings? What kind of medical super marijuana were the writers smoking? ALSO how did Eddie Redmayne get an Oscar and star in this?