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Hello TrashTalk TV!!! I cannot believe I am finally recapping for this site after years of enjoying its snarky and sarcastic recaps. I should fit right in cause I am a judgmental bitch. Just a little about myself, I am recapping under the name Jewpacabra because why not. If you take offense, why are you on this site? I am Jewish, so I can get away with it. Anyways, I’m a reality TV addict. Favorites include Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Masterchef, Kitchen Nightmares, Face off, Under the Gunn, Project Runway, Survivor, Amazing Race, Opposite Worlds etc. Also, I am a licensed Pharmacist so I may or may not be really science nerdy (Battlestar Galactica for life! SO SAY WE ALL). Apparently, someone more important than me thinks I should be trusted with drugs. PS the reason all of your pharmacists look miserable is because you are annoying and we are waiting to make fun of you when you leave. Sorry not sorry
  • jimbobjones

    And now for my favorite games, in no particular order:

    1) Mage Wars: OK, so I said “no particular order”, but I lied. This is my clear number one. Match your mage against an opponent’s mage in a creature-summoning, spell-flinging, HIGHLY competitive good time. It’s a fairly heavy game though, so consider yourself warned.

    2) Cosmic Encounter: Take a game with simple play and alliances (and the requisite back-stabbery). Now add a power for each player that totally changes the game. Chaos (and awesomeness) abounds.

    3) Sentinels of the Multiverse – Take a team of unique heroes, and face down a unique villain. Awesome good time in a co-op that can be a massive challenge (and is almost always a blast)

    4) Battlecon: Devastation of the Indines – Street Fighter in a card/board game. Extremely tight design, no luck, not complicated to play (in fact, each player has maybe a dozen cards), but each fighter must be “learned” and works differently.

    5) Dead of Winter – A zombie game where the zombies aren’t the main problem — the other players are. Work together with the other players to get the colony to survive, but also try to achieve your own personal secret objective along the way. And watch out if one of you is the betrayer. Has an awesome mechanism called “crossroads cards” that make the game have a story. (Battlestar Galactica, the board game, is pretty much tied with this one, but DoW wins out due to the lower player and time requirements). Recently played on “Tabletop” on “Geek and Sundry” — they do a good job of showing the fun of the game, but not a great one (an awesome, awesome game).

    6) Pandemic: The “godfather” of modern co-op games, and the only one from the “basic games” list to make this list as well.

    7) Last Night on Earth – One side is the heroes, one side is the zombies, both are trying to achieve their goal (there are 20+ different scenarios when you have several of the expansions). Awesome, B-Movie zombie fun.

    8) Dungeon Petz or The Manhattan Project – both of these are heavily-themed “worker placement” games where your goal is either raise and sell your baby monsters, or build the biggest bombs (in that order). Which one I like more is dependent upon the direction the wind is blowing on any given day.

    9) Descent – Similar to Last Night on Earth, but set in a “fantasy dungeon crawl” type of universe. One side is the heroes, the other the “Overlord”. It also has a great campaign where both sides get stronger as play continues. This doesn’t hit the table often enough, but it’s always a blast to play.

    10) Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – The tenth spot was hard to pick, but this one wins it. A challenging co-op where you try and defeat different adventures with a team of heroes. Due to each mini-expansion having another “adventure”, this one has a ton of replayability.

    Honorable Mentions: Summoner Wars, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Ghost Stories, Galaxy Defenders, Level 7 [Omega Protocol], Lords of Waterdeep, Coup, The Resistance, Guildhall, Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game, Splendor

  • jimbobjones

    Since this was a gaming episode, and I’m a massive gaming nerd, here are the games I think that EVERYBODY needs to have in their collection (nerd or not):

    1) Ticket to Ride (any of them). Collect sets of cards to connect routes on a map with your trains.By far the game that I’ve personally sold the most copies of (in that when people play it, they want to buy it). It’s also the first game I almost always introduce new players to.

    2) Tsuro – a tile-laying, path-following game where your goal is to stay on the board longer than anyone else.

    3) Takenoko (who doesn’t love pandas?) – Gain points by growing bamboo with the gardener, eating bamboo with the panda, and laying out map tiles in patterns.

    4) Coup – an awesome, fast little bluffing game. And by “bluffing” I mean “you’ll spend the entire game lying”. This is the only game on the list where you pretty much NEED 3 or more people.

    5) Pandemic – work together to stop disease from taking over the world (can also be replaced by Forbidden Island, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Police Precinct, or, if you like losing, Ghost Stories, all of which work similar but with entirely different theme and other aspects)

    6) Small World – A light little game where you get points by controlling parts of the map with different fantasy races with changing powers.

    7) King of Tokyo – A dice-chucking game where you try to either get the most points or kill all of your opponents with your giant B-Movie Monster. (Highly Recommended with the Power Up expansion. King of New York is also great, but a little more complex)

    8) Smash Up – A fun card game where your “blended” group tries to score points by taking over “bases”. (By “blended”, I mean “Ghost Pirates” or “Ninja Robots” or “Dinosaur Wizards”)

    9) Lords of Waterdeep – Collect Resources to try and get points by sending your “heroes” out on “quests”.

    10) Escape: Curse of the Temple — Is your house too quiet? It won’t be if you’re playing this. It’s a “real time” game where everyone is chucking dice at the same time trying to all get out of an Indiana Jones Style temple at the same time. A hectic and fun 10 minutes.

    Any (or all) of these games would be a great addition to a collection. If I had to recommend one, I’d say Ticket to Ride (with the 1910 expansion), but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  • jimbobjones

    Catan is fun — especially with the Cities and Knights expansion. I have WAY too many board games (somewhere between 100 and 150) — Catan, Ticket to Ride, Small World all tend to be lost in the shuffle.

  • Jewpacabra

    All these people are endearing in their own way. I can’t decide who I want to win because i want them all to win. Team Everyone

  • Awful Eyebrow

    I actually quite enjoyed the game night games, especially the My Little Pony climax, but I couldn’t stand the female guest “nerd”. I wanted to slap her when she jumped up to do her volunteer as tribute bit. Sit down sweety, this isn’t your show.

    I also really liked Johnathon’s Colby impression. Colby seems like the kind of person who would drive me bonkers in real life, but on the show I find his crazed intensity endearing. He clearly can’t stand to lose or even make minor errors. His outrage at having spelled Manhattan wrong was awesome. “Mawnhatawn! Mawnhatawn!”

    That word puzzle sucked though! The puzzle itself was super easy, I think Heather just panicked and froze up. It was impossible for them to shoot or air that challenge in any way that would let the viewer actually follow along, and find the action compelling.

    I have now re-watched the first 2 seasons twice. I am officially addicted to this show. I wish there were more seasons. I think Virgil is my favorite of the nerds so far, though Xander is a close second. He won me over with his fluffy slippers and conquering the girls’ bathroom for mankind.

  • Wendy Dahling

    I really enjoy your recaps. I love The Neverending Story especially the Childlike Empress aka Moonchild and Atreyu but I didn’t get Heather’s clue of rocking a baby. She seemed annoyed that her team didn’t get it, like it was obvious, but I didn’t get it either. What did I miss? I totally did not like Colby on Jeopardy he was always so smug. I’m really liking him here though. I don’t understand why Colby who is so smart didn’t see that he was the odd man out on his team. That goes for Kaitlin too. Why haven’t they put their heads together and discussed strategy? I was sad to see Heather go I really liked her. Actually, everyone left is pretty cool. It isn’t like last season with that dude Zack (who looked like Lady Elaine Fairchild from Mister Rogers Neighborhood) who was irritating and difficult.

  • itchy

    I was introduced to Settlers of Catan the other day. Great game!

    They should do a life-size version of Smallworld, that’d be a hoot.

  • jimbobjones

    Gotta say, I was disappointed by their game choices — they could have done something more interesting — Wits and Wagers maybe? Or Cards Against Humanity (not my favorite game, but at least it’s more interesting than Pictionary) — hell, have them play The Resistance. THAT’S an awesome game to watch. Watch Whil Wheaton’s Tabletop episode of it (on to see what I’m talking about.

    I’m also disappointed that nobody had even punched Puerto Rico yet. What type of nerds are these?

  • itchy

    Colby’s great. I’m hoping he and Kaitlyn go head-to-head in the finals. He’s frantic and she’s the opposite of that.

    Didn’t know Heather had dyslexia — did they explain that in the episode? I was wondering why she did so sucky at the puzzle.

    Technically, since Colby’s “Scottish,” that makes him sort of Jewish, right? Since the Scots are the Jews of the UK. Right?

    I vote for Team Drool.