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RaindyDayPercocet is a television obsessed 30 year old who is currently between jobs and living with her mother-in-law and husband. Luckily, she's found a good therapist and things should be on the up and up soon enough. Her mother-in-law has DVR and all the channels, so recapping was going to be imminent. She hasn't done online recaps since her days obsessing over American Idol.
  • Safari

    Hurricane Nia is no joke… she tore shit up on her season.

  • RainyDayPercocet

    I’m glad Nia seems to be in a good place. I think we’ve seen quite a few of these people during psychotic breaks. We seem most of them between 18-24 and statistically quite a few of them WOULD be mentally ill and we are seeing them one bipolar usually shows itself. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the face of Wes when Bananas is back in the game!!!!!!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Wes is like an angry end-stage pimple. Absolutely loathe him. I’m hoping his enemy Johnny Backpack returns from exile island just to poop on his day. Guessing Nia must be taking her meds, because her crazy is dialed way back. Makes it more palatable to root for Leroy.

  • bree7702b

    I think I read somewhere that a girl from one of the final four teams gets sent home for “assaulting” Jordan but that her partner gets to stay. I think it must be Nia and Leroy gets to stay?? Hopefully anyway. He deserves a win!

  • Floshizzle

    RainyDayPercocet yep! That’s why Cara Maria dumped him at one point. He was arrested and then pooped in his cell and wrote over the walls with it. I think this was three years ago. Crazyyyy

  • RainyDayPercocet

    They don’t ALL age poorly, but you are right quite a lot of them do. Derrick comes to mind.

  • RainyDayPercocet

    I’ve watched every challenge, but I’m a teeny bit younger, so RW and RR started when I was little and I didn’t like them as much as the music videos, so I would turn it back to cartoons. LOL.

    I do think Frank is worse than Wes and Zack, but maybe not together. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if LilJay and Jenna win, but I’d rather them than Wes or Zach. Bananas as won FIVE times, so it’s kind of hard to root for him.

  • RainyDayPercocet

    Thank you! I don’t think he’s cute either, I think Zach is a giant oaf. I would pay to watch Bananas beat Wes every day. I miss Kenny, Evan, and Darrell……

    I do love Cara Maria. I didn’t at first, but she really grew on me. Abe’s not bad looking, I had NOT read about him writing with shit on the wall! OLOLOL

  • Floshizzle

    No Safari you are quite young. There is an expiration date on these guys on this show. Somehow reality TV men age horribly. Like ten times faster than the average man. Usually, once they hit 25 they fall apart. Johnny has lost a lot of his hair and looks squatty. Wes is forever ugly. If these guys are acting this stupid and they are out of college….they should be well kept before hitting our screens.

    TJ is a perfect example is how men should be aging! Johnny…it’s reality TV male aging

  • Floshizzle

    Safari you’re very welcome! He was so cute….but that one’s a total deal breaker.

  • Safari

    You have no idea how that last little sentence you wrote made me lmao – at my desk… it’s been a week and that little comment just might have saved my day. Thank you. 🙂

  • Safari

    I’ve been watching all of these shows (RW, RR, Challenges) since their inception so, clearly, I’m old – like Bananas – shit, I’m even older! But I just can’t stop watching them. Of course, my 14 year old son is now hooked on them as well – stellar parenting 101. 😉

    Frank… he’s worse than Wes and Zach together. I do like LilJay and Jenna – I just don’t want them to (by some universal fluke) win it all. If they get to the final, I’m OK with it… especially if it means Ginger Ass and T are out!

  • Floshizzle

    RainyDayPercocet so glad you’re recapping this show! Zach is a moron. He’s not even that cute. No way I’d put up with him. Nia and Leroy all the way!!!

    So funny what you said about Johnny Bananas. Isn’t he like 35 now? I still like watching him beat Freckled Hag Wes most of the time. Why is Wes still around? He is one ugly, nasty hag. He always brags about how rich he is and how many businesses he owns. Then why are you on this show humiliating yourself Ginger Hag?!!!

    I wish Cara Maria was on. I always thought her ex Abe was cute, until he had that jail stint and wrote on his cell walls in his own poo.

  • RainyDayPercocet

    I go back and forth with Sarah. I feel like she’s probably the most normal person to ever appear on it. I feel like I’d be friends with her in real life, but she’s not always the most fun to watch. I have never liked Zach and Frank. I think they are two of the actual worst human beings we’ve ever had on this show. I don’t hate Bananas, I really think that we’ve seen him mature, sort of like a CT journey but on a much more normal scale. Island Johnny to this Johnny as like night and day. I also feel like Bananas is one of the last guys left to make me laugh. Poor Jonna……. I can’t believe another girl in the cast would start to date Zach after watching how he treats an ex. He is a monster.

    Safari- We do the same thing! We feel like we are on this show with them and constantly talk to the tv. SO glad Jonna got some vindication. I am starting to love LilJay and Jenna. Haha. It’s miraculous that they are still here and I think it would be funny as hell if they got to go to the final over Wes and T!!!!

    I so want Leroy and Nia to win!!!!!!!!!

  • Moli926

    I never liked Sarah and now I do. In your face DouchManChild, I’m so angry still with myself for liking him. I will never forgive him for his treatment of Sam(yes I know I brought it up before). The final exile dome will be anticlimactic, I hate both guys. I really want to hold Jonna like a child and rock her like a Mommy. Something/one broke that girl and it’s hard to watch her sometimes.

  • Safari

    My son always laughs at me because I tend to talk to the TV… particularly during this show. I sometimes have to rewind because I’m responding to something someone said. It was such vindication for Jonna when TJ said it was actually DoucheManChild that effed up! I said it right before Jonna did… “Ha, YOU fucked up!”. I know Sarah gets on some peeps nerves but, I really like her. She’s one of the few positive women on these shows and she was just trying to be nice to Jonna and still!!, Douchie can’t keep his mouth shut. Hate him. ugh, and I’m still trying to figure out how Jay and TweedleDumb are still in it. Did anyone else hear Jay have to tell her how to spell LEROY?

    Anyway, RoyLee 😉 & Nia or Sarah & Jordan FTW. 🙂