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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • Sermonette

    I feel slightly guilty for enjoying that scene…It definitely sparked some dialogue on our podcast. Hakeem is so bratty sometimes, it makes it hard to like him. Yet LL likes him the best. He’s such a little punk! It’s strange that LL is so intent on toughening Jamal up when Hakeem seems like the weakest of the three sons. Hakeem better keep the mops and brooms away when Cookie is around.

  • Sermonette

    That is an awesome point – this past episode was the first time i’ve really seen her try/acknowledge Andre in a positive way. They should focus on fleshing this out in the coming weeks.

  • Sermonette

    You are right, it’s confusing! Everyone in the family knows, and everyone in the Empire “solar system” seems to know. So yeah, this is one of the areas that the show feels a little off – people would definitely out him if he wasn’t willing to come out on his own. Or maybe it’s just meant to be one of those Clay Aiken-Lance Bass open secrets. He has a visible HRC/Equality tattoo for crying out loud. Worst kept secret ever.


    I love this show too and am so not a member of their targeted demographic.
    I am confused about one plot point. I thought it was already publicly known that the one son was gay but maybe I just missed something.

  • SororSalsa

    I would like for Cookie to beat Hakeem at least once per episode. That moment in Episode 1 was EPIC.

  • percysowner

    I do love this show. The world should be given to Cookie, she’d slap into shape in no time. I suspect that LL used a combination of “try it, you’ll like” it and “you can tell the world that Olivia was your OTL and when you couldn’t make it work you gave up on love” as a reason to pressure Jamal into marrying her. Jamal would have been young and had little support for his sexuality, so I can see him caving.

    I don’t think Jamal is Puma’s. I do think that Andre may well be a child LL fathered with someone else and that Cookie adopted and raised. It’s the only reason I can see for her not trying to connect with Andre. She’s tight with Jamal, and keeps trying with Hakeem, but seems to accept the distance with Andre. There has to be a reason for that.

  • Sermonette

    I completely agree! I think it’s taken everyone by surprise… Thanks for coming by!

  • cattyfan

    I adore this show. Can’t say it enough. And I am so no their target audience lol!!!