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  • Cgrbuff

    What is with Meaghen on OC .? She is so messed up. I have been dying to get this out.


    This is hilarious. I am jewish but I’m not like every other jew I know obsessed with being jewish and trying to jewify everything. Seriously, it’s about humanity not the stupid culture training.

  • Dipwad

    Being raised a Cat’lic, I can tell you the statue in the candle store was not the Virgin Mother, but St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus.

    The Virgin Mother would have come and smacked the shit out of Carl for being such a loser.

  • Anotherdirtymartini

    Re: Kyle being Queen Bee if Lisa leaves for VP – has Kyle always been the center housewife on the cast pic? You know- the one they use of them holding the ginormous paperweights, er, I mean “diamonds”, as they cut to commercials?

    If Kyle is the center ONLY because of her height, then the positioning is valid. If it’s supposed to be based on her status/ranking, then, ummm….NO.

  • Anotherdirtymartini

    Hahahaha! You made my day!! Or…did you just make YOUR day?

  • sheesh

    Carlton needs to go to Ye Olde Conditioner Shoppe.
    That fried, dry hair makes me stabby.

  • distressed

    reply to sandybo
    I checked the ratings and even with all this publicity around Brandi’s book tour and alleged slander the ratings were down this week again. They’ve announced a few more show before the reunion, but this ratings plunge is the exact opposite of what you might expect if “all publicity is good publicity” as they say. But Brandi’s book is now a NYTimes best seller.
    Episode guides for all the shows are at wiki and then they post the ratings as they become available, Atlanta by the way is through the roof setting records.

  • Kelli

    @Waterlover, OK now, I’m LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waterlover

    Yes, yes it is.

  • Waterlover

    OK, here’s the thing with @Kelli and @Anotherdirtymartini – my name is Kelli and my drink of choice is a dirty martini, so when I see the two of you posted together, I start wondering if I have a personality disorder and all three of these comments are coming from me and my alter-egos. But then I realize it is just Lisa controlling my mind and I feel much better, so now I’m heading to the bar!

  • It was my fav too along with Atlanta. Both are going to the dark side imho. I don’t even watch any of the other ones anymore and haven’t seen about half of the BH this season. Boring, petty and repetitive. Other than Lisa, none of the women are likeable.

  • distressed

    Totally agree. Kyle is staying put no matter what. I read that story too and you need a Kyle translator to understand what is really being said.
    “I can’t possibly stay if my beloved sister is fired. I have loyalty to my family.” = “See, what I’ve had to put up all these years? And she was not only the star of the family but she was mom’s favorite, too.”

  • distressed

    Right, then what or now what. That’s what I want to ask Brandi. Lisa is basically dead on the floor, now what? Brandi’s blog is about Kyle and Lisa fighting it out for Queen Bee. Bull. Kyle can’t carry this show, no way. Yolanda must think she can walk into that role, but I don’t see that happening at all. Her King David is reluctant at best to participate, we only see him rarely. And now they’re selling the estate. There’s nowhere to go with that one. Brandi? A show with more Brandi will deliver less ratings. And Joyce? She’s too young to take that role. These shows need a mama bear. You can’t bring in a new housewife and start her off at that level.
    So Bravo has taken the Queen down, now what?
    I get upset, granted inappropriately, because this is my favorite show out of all of them. NY tanked in my estimation after Bethenny left, now BH will go the same way. Sad.

  • Squirrel

    @lorenki: I’ve been reading Ronnie K’s recaps for a long time. He actually makes great jokes about Tranny Hookers! Pretty sure he knows the anatomy/gender/sex breakdown of a Tranny, and doubt he has to go much farther than his front curb to do scent research. Don’t take it personally. He sprays his snarky loathing on everyone liberally, like Old Spice.

  • sheesh

    Omg…Chalupa…so delish.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Ah, don’t sweat it — at TVGasm we didn’t have the fancy schmancy reply option. It’s better than getting “Error establishing a data base” and eating your comment.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    You’d have to drag me kicking and screaming to a mall, but you can get all the gimcracks Charlton Heston needs for her religion at your local neighborhood bodega and grab a chalupa at the same time.

  • I don’t see Kyle ever leaving unless fired. Even if Twitch does get fired Kyle will stay. Acting like a martyr and as full of shit as usual. She is a liar, a fake and a huge asshole. She won’t go no matter what she said. Big Kathys girls have a pathological need to be “famous.”