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Hello TrashTalk TV!!! I cannot believe I am finally recapping for this site after years of enjoying its snarky and sarcastic recaps. I should fit right in cause I am a judgmental bitch. Just a little about myself, I am recapping under the name Jewpacabra because why not. If you take offense, why are you on this site? I am Jewish, so I can get away with it. Anyways, I’m a reality TV addict. Favorites include Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Masterchef, Kitchen Nightmares, Face off, Under the Gunn, Project Runway, Survivor, Amazing Race, Opposite Worlds etc. Also, I am a licensed Pharmacist so I may or may not be really science nerdy (Battlestar Galactica for life! SO SAY WE ALL). Apparently, someone more important than me thinks I should be trusted with drugs. PS the reason all of your pharmacists look miserable is because you are annoying and we are waiting to make fun of you when you leave. Sorry not sorry
  • Awful Eyebrow

    I felt bad for Zack too, but I would have hated to have to deal with him live. Pink haired Danielle was the stereotypical entitled reality contestant. I hate that type. “I DESERVE to be here! How could you vote me out? Well yeah, I was voting for you. So? You are a terrible evil person for wanting to win this game. I am supposed to win because I
    DESERVE it.”

    I loved the 1st and 2nd seasons, even though they are lacking the wind machine thrown room hero shots, they had some memorable characters.

    I think Virgil was my favorite nerd. I actually like most of them. This season 3 cast is very funny. Especially in the newest party game episode, but I will wait to discuss that in the next recap.

  • itchy

    Talk Nerdy to Me seems like it should be a real song — or is it already? Love Genevieve and her knee-socks.

    I was never a stereotypical nerd (too heavily obsessed by the NYC punk scene for that, although that brought its own problems…)

    Colby’s my favorite nerd this season. For now.

  • jimbobjones

    Thanks to you, I went and got the first two seasons and burned through them in like 3 days.

    Lots of fun, but DAMN there was some drama.

    In season one, I learned to HATE that pink-haired girl. What an ass she turned out to be. I also despised that the finale was determined by a popularity vote, because the wrong person won.

    In season two, I actually felt sorry for Zack, not because he wasn’t a jackass, but you know there’s some serious inadequacy issues going on there. That guy needs some professional help. That said, I loved how the final challenge was handled.

  • jimbobjones

    You know, as bad as guy nerds had it back then, girl nerds must have had it 1,000 times worse. I had a challenge finding other guy nerds back then to hang out with — I couldn’t imagine being a girl trying to find girl nerds — it must have been like trying to find a needle in a pile of needles.

    The Internet has helped things ALOT on all sides — people can find people who share their interests a lot easier now, and it’s great.

    Colby and his super-dry sense of humor has been awesome. I loved the “Scottish” thing this time and his comment about the sumo wrestler last time. I was worried he was going to be an arrogant douche, but he’s been a pleasant surprise this season (so far).

    I thought the rap and song were OK (not great, but about what I’d expect) until I saw the performances in Season 1. Both of those CRUSHED the crappy ones from this season.

  • itchy

    What I like most about this show is all the hot nerd-girls. Where were they when I was coming up? (Well, they were waiting for me when I got to college, sort of… 7 to 1 guy-to-girl ratio… )

    Speaking of which, I want Catwoman girl to win. Just because.

    I’m pretty sure Colby was making a joke about being Scottish… Although the rap sucked, the other song was the clearly way ahead. He’s my other favorite anyway, I love how his lower lip is always shiny with drool. The mark of a TRUE geek.

  • Jewpacabra

    I’m glad you enjoy! Embrace your inner nerd. Ps the z grade special effects are everything. It’s half the fun of the show. I don’t usually include this in my caps but when they are in the throne room and the wind machines blow on the contestants, I laugh every single time

  • Jewpacabra

    Ornacia has to earn herself a living somehow!

  • Wendy Dahling

    Great recap. Love this show! I’m sure Ornacia appreciated the shout out. I still get the “talk nerdy to me” song in my head from time to time. I remember really liking that song but them not wining.

  • jimbobjones

    I saw them on Amazon. Was wondering if they were on one of the 300 other ways to watch TV 🙂

  • Awful Eyebrow

    I tried, but I couldn’t find them for free. I bought them from Amazon instant video for $15 per season. It was worth it. I am sure that they can be found for free somewhere, but I gave up.

    Also- Moby was kind of a dick. I guess Eminem was right about him after all.

  • jimbobjones

    Where are you finding the other seasons? I’ve been dying to find them.

  • Awful Eyebrow

    I just want to let you know that reading your great recaps inspired me to watch the previous seasons of this show during the last 2 snowstorms in NE.

    I love the show. It’s funny and good-natured, and a bit educational for me. I am little ignorant of nerd culture, but I find it rather fascinating. Most of the contestants are likable and funny, which is a nice change from other competition shows that seem to purposefully cast the most awful people that they can find.

    I love the campy humor. Even the send-off segments are charmingly balanced with Curtis’ personalized uplifting speeches and the z grade special effects they use to obliterate the departing nerd.

    I can’t wait for the next episode and recap. Thanks Jepacabra! (I am giving you the Vulcan salute right now.)