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  • SunnyDay

    A Coconut Pete reference!? I love you so, catburns. 😀

  • SunnyDay

    A Coconut Pete reference!? I love you so, catburns. 😀

  • lcmw4

    I just fast forwarded through the Robyn episode. I only watched the few minutes when the kids were talking. Why did they think we needed to knew Robyn’s story when we watched it while it was happening. I call BS on Cody saying he does the harsh discipline and lets the wives handle the day to day discipline. You could tell the boys thought it was funny having their Dad try to be serious and discipline them.

  • TN Gal

    So, what happened with the anthropology students? Is there somewhere online you can read their paper (’cause you KNOW they wrote one)? I bet that is some facisnating reading. 🙂

  • CatBurns

    Haha yes! Excellent point.

  • anya

    ha ha ha. Read this as I was sipping tea and literally choked with laughter! Too funny! How about Abs for wife #5–she’s a virgin, she has big boobs like the rest of them, and has experience around kids. It’s a match made in Heaven!

  • Shaunetta

    Am I the only one who noticed Kody kept saying the women were giving him an “offering of food”. I would never think to describe it like that, a portion? a taste? a bite? but not an offering. You make offerings to Gods. Kody get’s offerings from his wives and Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms thinks she can absolve people of their sins.

  • I bet those boys were shocked senseless that Kody even bothered to speak to them. You can tell after kid #5 that Kody gave up trying to even track who these kids are. And I loved how he told the security guy that he was the father and he’d handle it. I wish security had told him to step aside.

    Weepy Robyn and her hour of weeping…Christine is dulling her shanks for maximum pain.

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  • anya

    Yes, yes, yes–Skrody on Celebrity Apprentice!!!! WANT. Who else noticed how he ripped into the male student during the ball game in the backyard? That wasn’t an tackle, it was an testosterone attack! Guess he feels threatened when there’s another man in the vicinity of his brood and broodmares. And after that he yells hellfire at the boys for normal sibling behavior, just because the cameras caught it. What a role model!

  • zoe

    I was hoping you would recap the Robyn episode. This was like a mini-cap.