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Brandster is a secretary, college student, and mom who still manages to find time to be awesome. She loves all things horror, reading, and everyone who reads her posts.
  • Brandster

    Yes I read the comics and I hope it is the Whisperers. I don’t watch Talking Dead because Chris Hardwick makes me want to jam knitting needles into my eardrums. I loved Chad Coleman in the Wire but Tyreese started to annoy me after he became the “voice of morality” character. Thank you SO much for reading. HUGS!

  • mc

    Ugh, the commercials made this ep unbearable. They were cutting away to commercial literally every few minutes. IMO, it wasn’t the best episode nor the worst. I liked Tyrese. I liked the ep. I liked The Talking Dead after show, but that may be because I’m in love with Chad Coleman lol. I’m sick of them constantly getting rid of every black character to come onto the show. Every time there are more than a few black people (no more than two men, one woman), they get killed off. Ridiculous.
    Do you read the comics? You mentioned the Whisperers so I’m assuming you do.
    Also, this recap was really funny!
    Btw, do you watch @midnight? Eugene, Maggie, and the creator of the comic were on it. It was a funny episode.

  • itchy

    My mom keeps trolling my facebook page, telling me how handsome I am. Moms. Sheesh.

  • Charlotte

    I didn’t think the episode was THAT bad. I was annoyed by Beth’s singing and it was a little heavyhanded with the “it’s okay” comments but I was mostly upset that Tyrese went out like a bitch.

    This huge guy who has fought off hordes of zombies alone gets bitten by a baby zombie? And the one who kind of saves him is the weakest, most useless person on the team (besides Judith). REALLY?

    And @Itchy I noticed the same thing. All the black men are kind of disposable. And you can’t have too many on at one time or else. I bet Father Gabriel will be the next one to die.

  • the demp

    Amazing recap! I agree with you 110% about the incompetence of the shows writers. I think this show WAS GREAT (season 1), but it’s lost itself in my opinion trying to get too artsy fartsy. Am I the only one who thinks this show would be so badass if it was on HBO?

  • Brandster

    I guess Rick wanted McHotterson to babysit the kids while they were gone. I don’t blame him. Daryl better be in this Sunday’s ep.

  • Brandster

    I agree that death was super fake. So I guess there are stealth ninja zombies now?

  • Brandster

    Love you momma

  • itchy

    They really blew an opportunity to let Tyrese go out as a hero/remnant of our civilized past — he could have, for example, saved everyone else by taking on a horde of zombies by himself.

    Instead, they just let him go out as yet another one of the serie’s ineffectual black men.

  • Anne Salisbury Arcuri

    Love you Brandster! Welcome back. I was starting to think the Zombies got you.

  • itchy

    The government asked them not to show Daryl in the same week as the release of the 50 Shades movie. They were afraid of the massive flooding that would result.

  • beccar1983

    Loved your post as usual! Hilarious! Surprised you didn’t mention the fact that even though the others weren’t far, they weren’t in the ep. LIke wtf? No Daryl?

  • greenmonster

    I didn’t like the episode too much. The whole dream like scenes (esp. singing Beth) were annoying. Reading other recaps and comments I had the feeling that viewers saw in Beth a singing and annoying babysitter for Judith. Otherwise Beth was quite often seen as a useless character. Just like Tyrese is seen by many viewers. First Beth, now Tyrese… I wouldn’t want to babysit little Judith. She isn’t quite a lucky charm to her babysitters.

    @itchy: I agree – Tyrese’s death wasn’t plausible. He heard the growling/moaning in the bedroom, goes in and still turns his back to all the doors in the room? And what was so fascinating about those pictures? It felt like he couldn’t stop staring at them – why?

  • itchy

    Beth’s singing was the BEST part of this episode, so the whole bullshit hallucination trope was worth it for that. Struggling Man’s a great song anyway.

    It could have been worse though : at least it wasn’t Rick hallucinating Lori [shudder].

    But spending an entire episode in order to kill off a character (especially one we all wanted to see die anyway, since Tyrese has been a wholly useless character)?

    Oof. They could have at least made his death plausible – there’s no way he would a) had stopped to admire photographs before making certain the house was clear, b) NOT have heard the zombie twin sneaking up on him, because zombies always make a lot of noise. Besides, the zombie was behind a fucking closed door.

    The show’s definitely making a statement about African-American culture. All of the black guys are useless and inept — Tyrese, Bob, the minister, Noah, etc. The only black characters with balls are the women, Michonne in particular. I’m not so certain this is the statement the show WANTS to make, or SHOULD make. But damn, that is indeed what they’re saying. Jeez.