• Maggie

    Ronnie, you deserve a five dollah pizza today, we can see right through you.

  • Cherie

    I saw her big ass too and didn’t see a damn bit of diff! I do see a diff in YOU Mr. Man and it pisses me off! Oh congrats….

  • chooch850

    Oh thank you… I saw ‘before & after’ pictures of Honey Boo Boo’s momma and I didn’t see any difference either! 100 pounds, where?

  • kczar

    Leeza Gibbons and motherhood? I”m assuming she adopted cause girlfriend is old! I watched her when I was a teenager and that’s at least 10 years ago :).

    Ronnie, you’re looking good, sugar. All that looking at food but not eating it agrees with you.

  • blueberrypancake

    Leeza Gibbons…wtf! Nice work 🙂