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Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything. She's covered a diverse group of crap reality shows, from the daft adults in Dance Moms, to the cagey cast of Mob Wives. Floshizzle's favorite escapes include manic workouts and chocolate binges.
  • Erika

    As opposed to invitationals where you can’t be sure of the level of competition 🙂

  • Merry

    I had to add to this since one of the things that’s always bugged me about Dance Moms is that the moms just bum around the studio ALL THE TIME. They don’t appear to have jobs, lives, or outside interests, which could explain why bicker constantly: that tends to happen when you have nothing interesting to say.

    I took classical ballet for over a decade and our director didn’t allow parents to watch classes or rehearsals at all, save for two “visit” weeks per year and even then parents sat down and watched silently. No one contradicted the director or teachers, which was absolutely right since they were the experts.

    I know that competition dance is very different from ballet and I know ballet studios that let parents watch (I’ve been on the watching side at a couple of those and loathed the way the parents picked at their own and other kids’ technique. Classes are for practice to help dancers improve, you idiots!). The constant presence of useless moms has always been my beef with this show. If they’d called it “Dancers” instead and focused on the kids, teaching process, and choreography, I’d be watching loyally.

  • Sarah

    Just curious..”actual” starbound opposed to the first place wins and overall high scores in DM’s fake competitions?

  • cacky

    Abby was so laughing. lol.

  • Floshizzle

    Trash Talkers thanks for your patience during the Troll Tornado! I am using special cleaning products to help with the stench.

  • Jaymie Friedman Frederick

    Nope, Batman, I am not Karma, you know I don’t play that way.

  • snoopy

    Brown Shit, I am real curious as to why you are using lesbian like there is something wrong with being gay? What is your problem? You one of those homo-phobics?

  • snoopy

    Alright I got to admit. Brown Shit you may not be who I thought you were! I thought you were an adult by another name but I see you ARE just a kid! Must a new recruit. LOL I hope your mommie don’t come in your room and catch you! lmao. This is so good………the gang is recruiting kids now! Tell me you guys are not desperate for members? Pa-lease! I am starting to feel sorry for you idiots. Really? a school kid? A freaking “Johnnie loves Mary, Johnnie loves Mary” kid?

  • snoopy

    LOL weak reply….homey says “I know you are but what am I” and you tell Esmeralda “weak reply’????? Are you for real are you just playing that stupid?

  • snoopy

    What? Brown Shit. You’re regressing. And I was beginning to think there was hope of you getting on that show “are you smarter than a 5th grader”. Too bad.