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  • Jessie_

    Kyle’s other three daughters, Alexia,Sophia and Portia, are Mauricio’s children.

  • NatPatBen

    The best thing Brandi’s ever said.

  • Robin

    Dadgummit. I just read Lips’ blog and she quoted Dr.Phil. She is now Dead.To.Me. I really liked her…

  • PGraham

    RonnieK = Love! Best recap EVER!

  • Kelli3222

    Great recap Ronnie! You’re the best. The recap & podcast are what I look forward to all week and the patreon bonus episodes are great!

  • Kelli3222

    I was thinking the same thing…Yoli has a son?!

  • DJ49

    They sure do. I’ve noticed that too.

  • DJ49

    Yolanda has mentioned her son in previous seasons, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen him before.

  • DJ49

    I’m not a Brandi fan, but I had to laugh when her friend Jennifer mispronounced “texts” and Brandi said, “Texas is a state, honey”. It seems that a lot of the housewives, including Atlanta and NJ, don’t know that!

  • ItAin’tMe

    Also, there were no drinks being served, so liquid courage was unavailable to her too.

  • ItAin’tMe

    Seriously? Do you really have to ask about those kids? The DNA is raging in Mauricio’s bloodline…the 3 girls look just like Mauricio, and Mauricio looks just like his mother.

  • Janine

    Yo is starting up the “who even does that!” In her talking heads again. Except this time it’s about Brandis drunken behavior. Someone is about to start eating thier words!

  • Robin

    As much as I truly love the addition of Eileen and Lips, if you got rid of Brandi and those awful Richards sisters they wouldnt have anyone to snark about and we would be stuck with hearing about how Harry likes his bush and Vince was a hearthrob..heh…not so much. …..’.Perfect cast.

  • ChaCha

    Used to be that cleavage was the way breasts (fake or real) were supposed to look. Nowadays, having enuf space to drive a truck between them is the rule.

  • She Stinks!

    Had no idea Yolanda had a son? Who knew?

    And speaking of children, with the exception of Farrah, are all of Kyle’s kids Mauricio’s too? We know Kyle tried to pull the get pregnant and try to trap a rich Arab guy thing, but it backfired, and here’s Farrah! But what about the others? Other rich Arabs that didn’t want to marry Miss Back Fat?

    Eileen and Rinna are stealing this show right from these other dumb bitches, and I love it. Fire Brandi, Yolanda and those awful Richards Sisters!

  • Diane69802

    I love the addition of Lisa R. and Eileen!

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    And I loved the bit about the blinis. She’s really exposing just how trashy and classless Brandi is.

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    Notice how Brandi the so called truth cannon was all so nicey to Eileen’s face and apologetic but in her TH interviews was saying she should have had her kid out of there etc? Not so brave when someone stands up to her. Love Eileen’s blog this week too.

  • TN Gal

    Well, I am just thankful I didn’t have to watch someone’s child go to college this week. I swear to baby jeebus, there better NOT be an episode about Portia graduating from Kindergarten and moving on to first grade.
    Hey, YoLemon, next time try all of the motherly concern BEFORE the kid gets the DUI. Maybe you can practice on Anwar, even though he will not grow up to marry some shrivelled up old man for money in exchange for sex. We hope.
    Wow, Monty. Poor thing is dying and Twitch is snorting his pain pills. Isn’t Brooke back from her honeymoon? Can’t she find him a wrecked Fatburger truck to turn into a living space rather than him live with Twitch? At least he doesn’t have to worry about being eaten in his sleep by Kingsley.
    Ashley Abbott for the win this episode! Her neosporin comment was gold. She and Lisa V should team up as the head bitches in charge.
    Poor Rinna. Did she piss of a PA or something? Two bad car rides in a row. Oh well, I bet it makes her appreciate her real, sane friends in Malibu, and without being reminded, she knows to attend her child’s school fully dressed.
    And Brandi, just cause your kids go to public school doesn’t mean you get to visit school dressed as a slut. I know it is probably something you are unaware of, but at least try to have a little decorum around the boys. Hell, who am I kidding? She’ll be the first housewife to bang her kid’s friend and then tweet about it. Drunkenly, of course.
    Poor, backfat Kyle. Getting pushed around by Brandi while Twitch is out visiting LA LA land. Yep, Brandi is just the friend Twitch should be calling in her time of need.
    Thanks for the recap!!

  • Loved this recap! I almost died when Eileen made the snap about neosporin to Brandi. Brandi is such a chaotic mess. I’m telling you, Eddie’s going to get custody if she keeps demeaning his checks to her while she is wandering around drunk and naked on camera.

  • mist

    Portuguese sailors! LMAO Sad thing is Brandi felt like she was getting a lecture instead of listening to Eileen’s observation and concerns. I’ve seen 7year children take a talking to better than Brandi did.

  • Sunshine234

    yes, that was classic!

  • Sunshine234

    Brandi is totally deflated and seems genuinely hurt that everyone is mad
    at her. It makes me wonder if all Saddam Hussein really wanted was a

    HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the best recap ever. Enough with Kim and Brandi…they are both drunks…what ever happened to “PIG SLUT!” Those were the good old days.

  • LovelyAmberRose1

    The representation of LisaR’s early career is a pearl necklace…. you’re a crazy bitch!
    I love it!

  • BuddyChrist

    Great episode, great recap. The scene with the doggie cotton balls and Lisa on the bench with Rumpy Pumpy and his girlfriend was the absolute best.

  • Ouiser25

    So I think Jennifer the “addiction specialist” was wearing Brandi’s “Ed Gein Jigsaw” mask this week because it sure looked a lot like how Brandi’s face looked a couple of episodes ago. They must share custody of it. You would think that Brandi would want to shower if she knew cameras were coming. Her hair was looking like the Kristins from VR.

    Why are Brandi’s boobs trying to run away from each other (ala Krazy Kelly Bensimon)? Is this a new look, it is a disease and they are going to fall off? Who finds that attractive?

  • Madame_Cadaver

    That Stringer Bell caption made me snort into my cat’s face

  • distressed

    Eileen cuts a bitch. Anyone read Eileen’s blog this week? She is full on coming for Skanki, no question about it. Last night Eileen goes over to Brandi and basically says, “you threw wine in my face, insulted me and my home, then you instigated a brawl in my driveway, did I do something wrong Brandi? Are you okay with me? Are you sure?” Super uber bitch move. She made Brandi say that she wasn’t a mean girl which is never a good look. Very good to see. This week in her blog she tears Brandi apart. The bitch even left the poker trophy behind.

    “And thank goodness she was a little tipsy, or that gash in her arm could have been so much more painful.”

    “I’m not quite sure where we’re supposed to send an 11-year-old boy at 10 PM when we couldn’t arrange a sleepover. Nor did Vincent and I think it was necessary. After all, we weren’t having a group of Portuguese sailors over for a poker game.” Rookie mistake Eileen.

    “I’ll be auctioning off a lightly used poker tournament trophy (held proudly for a moment by Brandi), that was left at our house for charity. Opening bid is $100.00.”

  • distressed

    Fantastic recap Ronnie, thanks. I thought last night was a really fun show. Last week’s show was exciting, for sure, but it was also kind of gross watching Kim in a really shitty place like that. This week was all Brandi being a complete moron which is much funnier since she has no idea that she isn’t funny or wise or brave or anything good.

    Eileen’s “put some neosporin” on it was immortal. LisaR’s lampshade obsession was also too funny.

    The previews for next week looks really great. More Kim and Kyle. Great. More discussions about Kim’s drug addictions. Great. More Richards sister drama. Great. Can’t wait.