Pope Philly

  • notwithoutmyTV

    For me, everything between Buffalo, NY, and Sacramento, CA, is “where corn syrup comes from.” I wouldn’t put too much effort into learning where the Fake Farmer is from, either. It’s not like the winner is ever actually going to go there.

  • itchy

    Next week looks like fun, since Kelsey (? the short-haired one) looks like she’s taking her turn up at crazy-bat.

  • Also great was Virgin-Ashley-Kardashion somehow thinking Chris lives in an actual enchanted castle and not on a farm in Iowa (Idaho? Wherever.). Kelsey also has some sort of issue understanding where Chris lives.
    And Crazy-Ashley kept her crazy level right where it’s always been, it was just about every other girl who cranked it up to the red zone.

  • itchy

    Also, half of this episode was a commercial for some weird CGI movie (although I have to say, the people in it look almost life-like). I’m not sure if they picked the best show to sponsor though.

  • itchy

    What? You’re saying there’s something more real than the Bachelor? Shudder.

    The best part of this episode was where Farmer Chris admitted he’s a complete airhead.