ZeeEnnui is a jaded resident of West Hollywood. She works in social media, but doesn't care about your Facebook status. Her mind was warped at a young age by exposure to repeat viewings of Pee Wee's Big Adventure and classic horror films. A killer Trivial Pursuit player she can astound even herself with the amount of useless knowledge knocking around in her head. She likes her TV classy, dark and cerebral but her biggest shame is how much she enjoys nighttime soaps written for teens.
  • itchy

    There are too many dang Emmas these days. But there’s only one Farrah.

  • Hot Mama

    Well, at least Gwennie got billing above Back Door Teen Mom Farrah. I will note that she is below Emma, Miley and the dude that was the 12th choice to play the 50 Shades perv. Perfect!