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  • Kelli3222

    Agreed! LOL

  • Chicken Lips

    The Kodettes always say that the reason they don’t do crap together is because they are all in separate houses. Yet I don’t remember them being all “yay family!” when the OG 3 lived in the Utah house. Can’t have it both ways, ladies.

    I think the My 5 Wives dad and kids have it good, but I don’t think the Wives all like each other – the difference between them and the Kodettes is they seem to be OK that they don’t particularly care for each other while the Kodettes act like they are all besties to the cameras when you know they aren’t. Except Janelle – she takes no shit. Good for her!

  • Merry

    Poor Annie. If my daughter was becoming Kody’s third wife, I wouldn’t have gone to the wedding either. But seriously, that was a long time ago and it sounds like Annie had an awful experience with polygamy but doesn’t trash the choice and tries to be supportive of Christine and the family. I agree with Shaunetta that Christine is somehow stunted, at least emotionally. She clearly thought she was going to be Kody’s precious princess last wife and hates Robyn for getting that privileged position.
    Go Aspyn! The idea of sister-wives is difficult enough; the thought of that dynamic with biological sisters is creepy. Yes I look at this as a monogamist, but two sisters sharing a husband sounds less like a stable family and more like an episode of Jerry Springer.

  • TLC has that other poly show, My 5 Wives. That dad interacts with his kids a lot, you can tell. AND, they have family dinner together every single night. All the wives, all the kids. And dad.

    Kody’s kids don’t see him often and they obviously could care less if he’s around or talking to them. I love it when they run away from him. Wonder why they don’t do family dinner every night so that he can see all his kids each day?!?! Oh yeah, they all hate each other.

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  • Shaunetta

    Christine’s kid’s at home are 16, 13,11 and 4. Why does she need a live in sitter? She only has one child left at home that shouldn’t be fairly self sufficient, same thing with Robyn her kids are 15,12, 9 and 2. They each have one small child at home that isn’t in school during the day. They can’t work out watching two little children and running an internet business with 0 orders? Janelle acutally does do real estate and perhaps can’t help watch kids and Meri I guess is in school during the day? Kody, Robyn and Christine are all unemployed and presumably home all day to film, it’s ridiculous that the family needs two full time nannies.
    I honestly question Christine’s mental capabilities, she has said things over the season that make me think maybe she is developmentally delayed? She is at least 40 with adult children and still wants to be a “princess”. She mentioned that up until the move to Las Vegas Jenelle managed all her bills in one episode and she was struggling to remember to do things like pay the utility bills. She also apparently didn’t understand that 3rd wife doesn’t necessarily mean last wife and she mentioned wanting to have more children. Her children are child bearing age why on earth would she want more?