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  • Wills

    As much as I loathe Horseface #1, I am hoping Stassi’s impulsive behavior will get her in trouble. What 25 year old goes around hitting people in restaurants? If she ever gets mad and lashes out at the wrong person, Stassi will either get arrested or her ass handed to her. Personally, I hope it’s the latter.

  • Gypsy

    OK Trashii, does Stacey look like she is smiling as she back hands Kristen’s throat?

  • Gypsy

    LMAO, I was staring at her too!

  • NouveauPoor

    Seriously who stands 15 inches from an assault/battery and does absolutely NOTHING? Jump out of the way, jump in and break it up/add to the fracas, at least get a horrified look on your face that a grown ass woman thinks hitting other people is a valid life choice…SOMEthing. Ol’ Blankface makes it hard for me to pretend there is any sort if reality going on here, which makes me so mad I oughtta…NOT go HIT a bitch! Ffs Stassi!

  • All I know is her hair looked WAY better after the slap…

  • labowner

    I bet Stassi likes to be choked during sex. She seems like the type and to also complain that Jax can’t do it right. These bitches be crazy and bringing the best reality on tv so far.

  • sarcasatire

    Stassi Ike Turner’d Kristin?

    Eat the cake, Annie Mae.

  • Gypsy

    I cannot wait for this episode, I hope Stacey gets her 12 year old ass handed to her on a SUR serving tray. What a bitch move.

  • Classy Drunk


  • skiperdee

    Previews for next week’s ep.

  • robotmonkey

    If you keep watching, it seems to speed up. It’s kind of hypnotizing.

  • stinkyhousewives

    A karate chop to the neck? Who is she, Cheryl Ladd in Charlie’s Angels in 1978? Lame.

  • taylor

    I love how Olivia Palermo is completely unaffected by what’s going on in the background hahaha

  • Samela808

    How, oh how, did I miss this?!?! Where, when, what Bat – nay, what ‘Bitch’ channel was this on?!?! I did NOT see this at any point last night on Vapid People Rules!!!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I suppose Stassinfection got a pass for clocking Horsey Face #1, since there was no mention of an arrest for battery in real time. Pity, she’d look heavenly in orange.

  • Poochie129

    But horse face better horse kick and gallop all over Stassi and her droopy double d’s!!!!!