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  • Kelli3222

    So glad yo are recapping catburns! Yay!

  • I hate when I am on any team other than Team Janelle. She’s the only team worth cheering for.

  • Chicken Lips

    I get why Christine is upset – what Ken said was a dick move. HOWEVER, the other wives seemed to be able to look past that (and we know that Meri gets her knickers in a twist over everything and Robyn wasn’t even doing her “crying” over it) and they weren’t going to see him anyway – why was she going on and on and on about it for what seemed like 3 days (plus from the previews it looks like we get even more of it). There’s no reason why the whole entire family couldn’t go boating because of 1 person.

    Should she be pissed about the comment? Maybe, probably, OK I see where she’s coming from.

    Does she say comments about other people’s religious beliefs and spout her opinion that they are wrong? Clearly – that’s basically what’s she’s bitching about – Ken’s religious beliefs. We don’t see Ken crying, do we?

    Did she need to go on and on and on and on like a spoiled brat? Nope – and I’m sure Robyn was getting pissed that Christine was stealing the spoiled brat thunder. You aren’t going to see this guy anyway, let it go and discuss this when you are back at home.

    And this is the first (and I hope last) time I was ever Team Kody.

  • That’s a damn good point. Her mom doesn’t like Kody and Christine is moving her into his home. So there went the rationality behind Christine’s Ken argument.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Disrespects his wives?? I’ve never seen Kody hit any of them even once!

    Not even when they really, really need it.

  • Shaunetta

    He disregarded one wife’s feelings, the other three wives all seemed to laugh it off and move on. Christine seems to always want to be a victim. She’s a grown woman with girls in college, she’s too old to expect the world to treat her with kid gloves. She admitted her mother didn’t really like Kody and her aunt offered to help her leave Kody, he didn’t demand that she cease all contact with family members that dislike him, which seems to be her entire family including her children.

  • CatBurns

    I totally agree Christine was in the right! Kody was wrong and completely disregarded his wives feelings because he didn’t want to seem whipped. Grow a pair Kody.

  • I need to go rinse with bleach for having a bonding moment with Christine.

  • You know, I have to say, I understood what Christine was saying but she sucks at saying it in a way that people want to hear her. Kody should not be friends with people who don’t accept his wives. Plain and simple. It isn’t a polygamy thing, it’s an “I love and respect my wife” thing. But since Kody does not respect his wives, obviously he won’t grasp the concept.

    I think instead of telling Ken that he must apologize to Christine, Kody should talk to Ken and explain that the friendship is not going to be able to continue since Ken made a point to tell his wives that he doesn’t accept their lifestyle. He either needs to make amends or he doesn’t want the friendship.

    This actually happened with me and the Hubster. He had a friend who was nasty to me, told my husband every day that he didn’t like me and he should break up with me. He wanted his 24/7 buddy back, like they were 7 years old and girls had cooties. The friendship was at an end, Hubster wouldn’t tolerate the comments. Fast forward two years, the friend marries, calls my husband to talk, and apologizes TO ME without prompting. He realized it was a douche move to attack someone’s significant other just because you don’t agree with them.

    It kills me to agree with Christine, but at least I am sided against Kody which mollifies me slightly.

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  • notwithoutmyTV

    Christine is the WORST.

    One should know when one’s greatest attribute is always going to be “good personality”, and act accordingly.

  • Chicken Lips

    I can’t wait to read the ‘cap, but I must say – I used to like Christine, but she made me be Team Kody this episode and I don’t know how I feel about that.

    Oh, and who wants to join the posse to “kidnap” Janelle and get her away from this madness?

  • lq

    Great recap! Please do next week!