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  • the demp

    Oh that’s who I was thinking! Thanks! I was thinking she was just real thirsty for fame. Turns out she is anyways! Thanks for that info Sarcasatire!

  • sarcasatire

    Apparently, Gocha was on Lala’s show (Lala’s Full Court Life) and was dating Lala’s cousin…a woman.

    So… yea.

  • RealityJunkie

    NeNe is the WORST. I think Claudia became my favorite housewife ever with this episode, at least SOMEONE finally had the guts to call NeNe out on her ridiculousness. And also, what is with that talking head hair of hers? she looks like Raggedy Ann. She should take those checks that didn’t get cancelled and hire a new stylist

  • Every season, every city: “I’m not getting sucked into that trash again! Let me just watch the first episode…”

  • Moli926

    Best reply!

  • monchichi

    you can only keep all that “ugly on the inside” inside for so long – it’s her vitriol literally oozing from her pores

  • monchichi

    no…she looks like Diamond, who was a special guest “star” client on Nail’d It.

  • The moment Nene unleashed the half breed comment I knew she was off this show. They’ll talk about how she offended every person in America with her statement, she will refuse to apologize because she is Nene, and Bravo will have no choice but to cut her. She’s so annoying that I can’t even watch the show anymore. I want to do violence whenever I see her face appear.

    And I have a Nene related question. When you look at her close up, what is happening to her face?!?! Her cheeks and skin look ravaged. I’m thinking it’s from all the makeup and her skin never getting oxygen, but I’m not sure.

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  • notwithoutmyTV

    “They are all very pretty girls and NeNe is letting her insecurities make her the beast they accuse her of being.”

    And her face. That mug is making its contribution, too.

  • DJ49

    “In fact, she’s had so much sex that her lady button has left her body. I don’t even know what that means but if it did leave, it’s probably buried in NeNe’s toupee.”

    Oh God, I’m sitting here laughing my ass off at 3:15 AM!

  • DJ49

    “Porsha, Kandi and Demetria meet at the airport. I suppose they’re arriving in shifts so the collective weight of their injected butts and NeNe’s ego doesn’t bring it down.”

    I wondered why they didn’t all fly together! Thanks for clearing that up.

  • SororSalsa

    It seems like Nene (or her ghetto twin NayNay, who showed up in PR) is just there for reactions and asides. It’s like she’s on a totally different show, and lobs insults at any and everyone just to earn her check. I loved Claudia’s takedown though, especially the comment about her hair. WHAT IS THAT HAIR???? Does Nene think she looks good? I had stopped watching RHOA several seasons ago, but caught an episode a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been sucked in again.

  • Hot Mama

    Nene made such a big deal about the “small” room. Bitch, you would be in a Motel 6 if Bravo wasn’t paying for it.

  • Farfalla

    I understand what Phaedra means though because if she won a court case this millenia I’d say, “hey”. Or if she managed to use a condom while banging a criminal fresh out I’d say, “hey”. Or if her top lip wasn’t attached to her teeth I’d say, “hey”.

    I love it L!!! RTFO!!!

  • She Stinks!

    It’s time to get rid of Nene. Her peach has rotted.

  • the demp

    Is that Gocha girl the same chick from that show Nailed It? I never watched, but read the recaps on here and she looks just like one of the contestants.