Gay baby advocate
  • CatBurns

    Hahahah! Love you J-Mo!!!

  • Merry

    Aw, no judgement (on you, NWMTV: I’ll judge reality freaks all I like!). I’m sure your missus would be very proud of your amazing sparkle rating.

    I personally spend my Saturdays knitting little hats for my cat…which is probably why I’ve yet to ensnare a man to lie to about it. Maybe I need to emulate the other girls in the craft club and move on to knitting exciting underwear.

  • Joye

    And, yet, TLC cancelled Toddlers & Tiaras because it was so crass.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Don’t judge, there, Judgy McJudgington! I love my wife, but I lie to her about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Roleplaying Game dates I have with my Brony pals every Saturday. Do you think she’d really want to KNOW that my alter-ego is a vaguely Japanese anthropomorphic girl pony? Do you think she’d be PROUD knowing that, after two years of diligent roleplay, I’ve earned a Sparkle Rating of 169–the highest in the group? (With a good dice roll, I can stop almost any argument, soothe bad feelings, and even change “nasties” to “nicey-nices”!)

    I think she’s happier assuming I’m in a heroin daze on a friend’s couch, or eating buy-one-get-one-free chicken wings at a strip club… We both delude ourselves, and it’s the bedrock on which our marriage survives, unfettered by personal doubt or the mutual disappointment of real life!

  • I cannot believe I missed this show! I set my DVR but I guess it was too low on the priority list and I have so many other things recording. I will find it online and watch it, you have definitely made it worth it to me!!

    Tanya’s picture is what I picture misery would look like if feelings had faces.

  • SaraKate

    It was….interesting to watch. The women want to be super supportive. But I think it’s SUPER weird they all say they “have SSA” like it’s a disease.

    I’m not sure I’ll watch again, unless there’s a “where are they now” after filming the series thing.

  • sleepingnarwhal

    I hate that I missed this.
    I love watching train wrecks on TV!!!
    Am I the only one that thinks that these wives probably get off on their husbands doing other guys? I mean I guess I could let it slide that they were okay with their husbands being SSA there are some pretty lonely people out there, but to know that and still let them have camping trips and sleepovers?! $10 that they’re probably in the corner getting all sorts of improper feelings imagining what is going on.

  • monchichi

    nice recap! as someone born without gaydar (and my oldest kid is lesbian – who woulda thunk!), i’m both interested in and scared of this show. also, thanks for the pic of the ed and bev bighead! memories…

  • Merry

    This show is offensive on SO many levels, but that’s TLC for you: finding new lows every day!

    There is literally no one to root for in these scenarios. On one hand we have the men who are clearly gay but hiding behind this crap “SSA” label and talk about “managing” their true sexual orientation like it was diabetes. On the other hand you have the women who are the sad combination of desperate and delusional that allows them to get, and stay, married to men who don’t even want let alone love them. (Don’t argue: if you love someone, you don’t lie to them and use them to look “normal” for your mom and your pastor.) If these people would just come clean and get divorced, everyone would be 100% happier.

    Okay, one point to Tom for being honest about why he uses the SSA label. One million points to catburns for making this pathetic show funny.

  • itchy

    Read Reality Blurred’s take on this piece of propagandist crap.

  • Lola del Rio
  • percysowner

    I’m glad you are recapping this, because I was curious about it, but at the same time I don’t actually want to watch it. So thank you for taking one for the team! Actually, I hope you enjoy it, because it would be awful if you hated it and watched it anyway.

  • JMozle

    Great recap! As a man who has sex with other men I can tell you with absolute certainty that MARRIED GUYS HAVING GAY SEX ON THE SIDE IS WAY MORE COMMON THAN EVEN *I* EVER SUSPECTED! It’s just incredible to me how these men seem to think they can really be successful at compartmentalizing themselves in this way. It always fails. Always. Without question. I feel sorry for these women putting up with this bullshit SSA label as if that is supposed to make it easier for them to handle because they know about it. If I could give one piece of advice to them it would be: leave him now and find yourself a heterosexual male, because eventually your current dude who’s sometimes into other dudes is going to give in to his duderino impulses and dude out all over the place with a bunch of other dudes. Kleenex will be involved. Boxes and boxes of it. And not for your tears, but for his frantic clean-up efforts to get jizz off the interior ceiling of your minivan.

    love, J-Mo 🙂

  • Pegalicious

    Even if I still had cable I wouldn’t have watched this, but I’m sure glad you recapped it. Thanks!

  • steven wiser

    Omg I was secretly hoping this show would be covered on here purely for the LOLs I knew it would provide. It did not dissapoint.

  • You get a Super A+ just for the title of this recap.