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  • Tri

    Don’t ever apologize for what some people find offensive or racists. I am african american, and I think you guys are hilarious. If someone finds your show offensive, guess what?! They can hit the stop button, no one forced them to listen to your show.

  • SuzieZee

    Yay!!!! Epic award show, guys!!!! The Kandi/Reza cry fest was hilar. I’m sooo glad we are back on track with the podcasts.

  • StaceySuperfly

    OMG your tandem Kandi voice is perfection! Totally agree with VPR winning best in show…er, I mean best show, they are all vile and disgusting and endlessly entertaining. Thank you for inviting Ashley on stage to stroke out! Best moment of the show =)

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Fabulous awards show guys. It’s just unfortunate that Vicky left that damp spot on her chair. She just consumed too many bloody piggies.

    I’m so glad that someone else misses those Princesses of Lawnggggggg Island as much as I do. I also miss Gallery Girls and the awesomely awful little Chanterelle troll.