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Danator grew up a sci-fi/muppet/fantasy loving nerd in a small town where all of those things were considered abnormal. Thanks to the internet and moving to a big city (Washington DC) she has since found her own people and enjoys endlessly debating the finer nuances of nerd culture. She also has a husband, daughter, dog and cat who make regular appearances in her recaps.
  • Slickery

    Your dog and cat are adorable and glad you are back to recap this. It’s a mess but it’s full of pretty boys so I’ll stick in to the end. (See also: The Following.)

  • Danator

    Chaosbutterfly that is the most intelligent response I’ve had in a while to any recep – I totally didn’t put any of those thoughts together and they make total sense. Hrm, alright you made me slightly less cynical about the randomness of this show and the depth of this weeks bad guy…

    Maybe living with Rudy will make Dorian weirder. I can see them up at 3am doing a jigsaw puzzle drinking tea.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    I’ve never tried it, so I could be wrong, but I feel like if you tried to charge an full grown android using your cigarette lighter, your car would die.
    And then you would have a dead car and a dead android and a dead artificial leg, and what’s the good in that.

    I think Simon didn’t really want to blow up the girl. He was just playing.
    He gave her the most time to do her task, but her task was the easiest.
    And he gave our intrepid heroes a head start on saving her. I bet when she started talking shit about him, he regretted it though lol.
    He was 100% serious about blowing up the bank man though.
    And maybe 427k bits is the amount that was on the loan that he got turned down for.

    Maybe living with Dorian will make Rudy cool.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I’m beyond envious that your hubby whinnies like Cloris Leachman as Frau Blucher (sorry, I’m umlaut impaired, you’ll have to add your own) in Young Frankenstein. Too bad we can’t get a sound bite of it. And Sarkozy and Waz are adorable — I just wanna go all drooling grandma and pinch their little cheeks.

    This episode was like “Law and Order” what with ripping off actual headline news. A little too reminiscent of that bizarre case of the guy with a bomb around his neck sent to rob a bank — who blew up after the cops arrived. Creepy.