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Donna Quinn

  • Aunt Dorsey

    See there, I knew I should have hummed the BeeGees when I posted it. Not your fault snowshoecat.

  • snowshoecat

    Oh yeah. Trash Talkin’. The new one. Forgot.


    But yeah. Good one Sarcasatire!


  • snowshoecat

    Where, Auntie, where???????? Lotta posts in Trash Talk. I’m dying laughing here!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Okay, I’m nominating Sarcasatire from over in TrashTalk for this:

    “You want to talk hairy? Google that image of Demi Moore naked before waxing became popular. Looked like she had a badger in a leg lock.
    Demi More was so hairy, she was spread eagle and still demure…you couldn’t see anything!”

  • cattyfan

    Wouldn’t a cat with duck lips look like it was in witness protection as a platypus?

  • snowshoecat

    Fortunately it pays to ply the management staff with Tower-O’-Calories gift boxes at Christmas. Trollface called to let me know I was late, so I zipped downstairs, check in hand, and paid.

    Oh union dues. I think I’ll stick with bribery.

    Although I have been perfecting my duck lips in the bathroom mirror. Hubbycat has been giving me the side-eye more than usual lately.

  • itchy

    Yes, but I recommend duck lips. That seems to give a better chance at being cast for one of these shows than chicken lips. She could also go for the full on trout pout. But then she entering the Big Leagues. I think she’d have to join a union for that. Which requires paying one’s dues ON TIME.

  • Chicken Lips

    Oh no! Did you get evicted? If so, you could bounce from trashy reality competition show to trashy competition reality show so you wouldn’t need to find another place to stay for a few months.