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SnoopK8 lives in NYC. She hates brunch, but loves happy hour. She tweets sporadically at https://twitter.com/SnoopK8
  • Khakie

    So wait…. Carlos said he’s there to compete but Nick has to think about everyone else?

  • Terrie

    Having dined at Mexique (which the Chicago Tribune ranked as 1 of the best restauranis of 2014 in tbe city), Carlos is as far from a dick as could be. He stops at every table to warmly welcome you and thank you for dining there. He is sincere, humble and genuinely a good person with a smile that lights up the room! I think, unlike prior seasons, this is a group of really nice, classy, talented and mature chefs. It looks like they decided they needed a villian and are editing Carlos as such. Oh, and in person, he’a absolutely gorgeous and looks a lot younger! I think Nina’s going to win…..

  • Chaosbutterfly

    I don’t even like Nick and I have to side with him on this.
    If someone lends you something and it is important to them, when you finish with it, you clean it up, return it to them in the best condition possible, and say thank you.
    Doesn’t matter if it’s a $2000 knife or a $5 shirt. It’s not yours, and it’s disrespectful to use it and then leave it laying around just any old way.
    When someone does that with my stuff, I never lend them anything ever again. They could be on fire and ask me for my extinguisher, I’d be like “NOPE because remember when I lent you my pencil that one time in kindergarten and you returned it to me all chewed up? I can’t trust you, asshole.’

  • vallegirl

    He also has an epic side-eye. I rather like when he tilts his head back slightly and goes slack-jawed like he can’t believe the idiocy he’s hearing.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    My favorite Hughnibrow line: “Padma schools Carlos with the real meaning of the term étoufée. She just learned it a couple of minutes ago and feels the need to show off this newfound weapon.”

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Nick didn’t want to look like a selfish prick on TV, so he verrrrrry reluctantly lent Carlos the knife, gave us a damn soliloquy about it, and then acted the martyred “nice guy” over it. Good knives are very expensive, so why in the world didn’t he just say “nope, sorry” instead of over emoting like a damn spiral-cut ham all over the damn episode.

    After that much drama, I at least wanted somebody to fall on the damn knife.

  • vallegirl

    I always forget about his blog, but love it. He’s a very clever boy. And I learned something new about bandanas, and possibly, Nick.

  • I read this and fell more in love with Hughnibrow, we both feel the same about Nick/Carlos


  • rachelkashmir

    I am also amused how people in a competition complain that their competitors are being selfish. Nick didn’t owe Carlos anything and didn’t have to loan Carlos the knife. Nick should have told Carlos to “Suck it.” and get on with the challenge. Also, there are certain things that are going to receive a bit of wear and tear with use like cars. If you think you’re going to loose your mind if your brand new car gets dirt on it, get a used car and have a good life. Kitchen knives are meant to be used. Really good kitchen knives are meant to take the abuse. Nick needs to get over himself.

  • vallegirl

    If that had been his story all along I might have some sympathy, but the only time he said the blade was stained was when he was begging for sympathy. When he lectured and shamed Carlos it was just dirty and he cleaned it. So, was it irreparably stained and woe is him that Carlos didn’t handle his precious wedding gift (But really, the hell? Unless it’s from his wife.) it like a Faberge egg or was it just a little crusty from having fishy bits all over it?

    I’m not really defending Carlos since he makes no attempts to defend himself, but Nick is still the more grating and obnoxious dick in that duo.


  • zerocool

    I have to defend Nick here – (he’s my fave so I’m not objective at all). Those knives are expensive! They can cost up to a couple grand. When Carlos didn’t clean it, he stained it as a result (Nick mentioned this in the episode). Given that it was a wedding gift, Nick was perfectly in the right to be mad.

    Was very surprised to see Carrie go but it seemed the right decision (especially with broccoli debacle).

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Yay! It’s our favorite substitute recapper SnoopK8.

    Poor Carrie, she should have served her “flounder tots” (good one!) at the cafeteria challenge where a mystery meat was sorely needed. I guess getting auf’ed is Karma for her broccoli abuse.

    I was rolling when Carlos gave his self-involved PSA shout out to Nick. Yah! Stop thinking about yourself, Nick, you douche and think more about Carlos — he’s not here to make friends — so think more about Carlos whydon’tcha?!

    I’m with vallegirl, hoping that Louis makes it back from Loser Kitchen, but Debbie Downer will do in a pinch.

    Nick, nobody likes a whiney boober, just bitch slap Carlos with your pot holder already and shut up.

  • vallegirl

    I still think Nick is more of a dick than Carlos, since Carlos may very well have cleaned the knife before he returned it, and geezy creezy with all the bitching, moaning and martyring, but Carrie since Carrie should have been booted last week, I wasn’t sad to see her go.

    Plus, Nina’s been kind of a mean girl, Shirley’s a pushy and obnoxious while Brian couldn’t give less of a crap about anything, so the only one left in the regular competition that I still like is Debbie Downer, I mean Steph. I’d like to see her and Louis in the finale with anyone other than Nick the Dick as the third.