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Everything you need to know about me is summed up by this story from the early 90s. I waited on Danny Bonaduce in a chain restaurant in Dayton, OH, and he was an ass then asked me if I knew he was. And I said, "Joey Buttafuoco?" I didn't get a tip but I amused myself so it was totally worth it.
  • 🙂

  • Slickery

    Nope, mid July. But I’m flattered to know I can be my own Single Girl’s Gay Best Friend Stereotype when needed.

  • Okay, well, you write like a gay man. You have a gay mentality! That’s a good thing! You weren’t born on August 25th, were you?

  • Slickery

    I am a middle aged widow in Ohio in a bowling league. Ronnie K WISHES HE WERE ME!

  • I’m going out on a limb here but is Slickery the pen name of Ronnie K? I only ask because Edith is Slickery’s favorite sister/daughter. That would be such a Ronnie K thing.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Simpering is the apt word for Cora. If she was in a musical like Les Mis she’d sound just like Amanda Seyfried does — like she’s gargling under water.

  • cattyfan

    I the word I use for Cora’s speech is simpering. I hate it.

    I am also with you on your hate for Mary (I don’t understand why all males fall at her feet) and your love for Edith. The big difference for me is how they deal with things. Edith, when angry, caused a bit of scandal for Mary…one from which she certainly could recover…by telling the TRUTH about something Mary had done (rolled around with a Turkish diplomat.) Mary, when angry, destroyed Edith’s chance at marriage by telling a LIE about Edith’s behavior (toward the Old Guy.) This was the first thing to truly ignite my hate for Mary.

    The Mr. Borrow thing last seasoned pissed me off. Jimmy got promoted to Head Footman, Thomas got bumped to Under Butler, and poor Alfred – the only one telling the truth and doing his job – got a verbal reprimand. WTH.

    I am not fond of Daisy. For starters, she doesn’t look half bright. And she seems incapable of appreciating it when she’s given every opportunity to be happy.

    I love this show…

  • Aunt Dorsey

    What an excellent idea, a score card and who’s who.

    Ohhhhh, don’t forget that the lovely Edith outed her sister Mary for having that Turk shuffle off his mortal coil in her bed. A real pearl clutcher, since Edith self righteously wrote a letter to the Turkish Ambassador telling him that his compatriot died with a stiffie in her hot slut of a sister’s bed. The scandal! All those amateurs saying they’ll cut a bitch need to take lessons from Edith. That’s how it’s done.

    My popcorns done, time to toddle off upstairs for the rest of the pre-game repeats.

  • snowshoecat

    Oh thank you, Slickery for the castcap. Tuned out after season two for religious reasons (I kept mumbling “oh God this is Boring/confusing” to myself).

    May have to tune in again.

  • Finnegan

    I can’t wait, it is going to be 2 hours of insanity.