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Named for lurid serialized stories (so like today's reality TV) that sold for a penny a copy in Victorian Britain, former National Spelling Bee finalist and multiple Science Fair award winner PennyDreadful has been mercilessly skewering reality TV since 2011, and cites MST3K as inspiration. Follow PennyDreadful on Twitter at @kcvinweho.
  • Aunt Dorsey

    Great minds snarking as one 😉

  • Hatched One

    Aunt Dorsey, you beat me to the punchline about Farrah! Most excellent! Actually, I think she looks like a camel.

  • CathodeTube

    Scratch that – Farrah just looks like a blow-up doll.

  • CathodeTube

    Agggh, the FACES! Taylor looks like a stepped-on pop can and Farrah looks like a seal about to balance a ball. I love trainwrecks, particularly with crying, but their faces make me scared and sad.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    There, there Farrah, of COURSE you didn’t do porn, it was merely a penile colonoscopy and filming it was a PSA.

    For a grifter Shana Hughes, aka Shanna Taylor, aka Taylor Ford “heiress of the Ford Motor family”, aka Taylor Armstrong “professional victim”, is really sleep-inducing. Anyone else getting the Russell-Armstrong-look-alike vibe from her current mark, er boyfriend?

    Let’s hope this train wreck picks up right soon, because so far, it is doing little to hold my interest.

  • sagittariuskim

    Ahh Winston Churchill, I wish I could be that witty while drunk.