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  • Miss Annie

    At first I thought Rosie was a bit charming in her blue-collar roughness. As the episode wore on, she became more and more obnoxious, didn’t she? Patti looked a bit wore out this episode, too. Bootie shorts! EEEP.

  • Miss Annie

    Looks like I missed out on Wakile family shenanigans over at RHONJ, Aunt Dorsey. Richie sounds lovely.

  • rachelkashmir

    Patti is the most vulgar female on this planet. WHY in God’s green goodness would she think brining that human cold sore Ritchie along would help Rosie. All that ass clown does is mug for the camera. I dare say Rosie was a bit self-centered and obnoxious, too. As if she’s the only person in the world who works hard. Guinnie was too nice of a lady to be with Rosie.

    And I could have spent my entire life not seeing Patti in bootie shorts.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    An appearance by the Dick “My wife tastes like fish” Wakile family — better than ipecac. Who needs a high colonic with the Wakiles on the planet? He’ll make you hurl until you’re a dry, empty husk. Every 46-year-old needs to be escorted by their sister and bozo-in-law to “The Patti Stanker Procurement Agency”.

    Yep, that Dick Wakile is a class act, grabbing his sister-in-law’s bubbies on screen. All we needed was Don Ho crooning “Tiny Bubbles” in the background. I’m sure doofus would have motor boated her as well, if it’d occurred to him. See, it’s not inappropriate because she’s a lesbian. Get it? Great joke, huh?

    This family togetherness was topped only by the dewy rosebud herself grabbing her tiny cousin, Slow Joe’s lunch box at the reunion. ‘Cause, hey, doesn’t everybody grab their cousin’s pecker on primetime TV? Oh, wait, I get it….it doesn’t COUNT ’cause she’s a lesbian….Good one!

    I liked Guinevere and was relieved for her that Rose “I’ll CUT YER FUCKING TONGUE OUT” Pierri wasn’t into her.