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  • First off, I love me some Lady Chablis. I read her book, “Hiding my Candy.” (I love drag queen memoirs..another great one is, “I’m Not Myself These Days..” by one half of the Beekman Boys, who also went on to win Amazing Race. I can’t be bothered to google his name, but hopefully I left enough search keywords for everyone else.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Well you gotta admit, at least it replaced the image of Weavy O’Hara (thanks LAC!) and the giant-sized bunion pads glued to her nekkid butt.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    “Fuck NeNe, her weave, her bald beaver….”

    Uh uh, no ma’am, not touching none of it, especially that bald beaver, that’s Gregg’s job — but I’m up for cheese grits.

  • sheesh

    NeNe don’t know shit about shit.
    I don’t think Cynthia was upset about what NeNe said, because really, that heffah don’t know shit.
    Cynthia is probably beginning to realize that NeNe is a narcissist and not that kind of friend who will be down for you no matter what.
    Real friends lift you and will not use your daughter’s dating as a soapbox moment.
    NeNe needs to get the fuck out with her bullshit.
    Fuck NeNe, her weave, her bald beaver, The New Normal, Gregg, fuck all of it.

    Who’s hungry for grits!

  • rachelkashmir

    Ug. NeNe has the biggest mouth. I think Cynthia is doing right by her daughter. She’s met Author’s mother. Both moms are on board with not letting the kids be alone. This allows her daughter to develop maturity while still being protected by the mama bear. Cynthia is also being open and supportive of her daughter growing up so when Noell has any of those awkward questions, she can feel safe going to her mother. NeNe forgets that strictest parents have the sneakiest kids.

    I’m getting very sick of this “READ” and “SHADE” nonsense. It’s like they are trying to make catch phrases happen.

    I’m also getting very sick of this “Mynique is half white therefore she doesn’t know how to READ.” It might not be racist but there is in insinuation that Mynique’s ‘white’ side is somehow inferior.

  • OMG, you forgot to mention Kenya trying to make amends with Phaedra, and Phaedra ignoring her while she pumped her mama jugs. That was hilarious! Phaedra knows how to clear a room. Girl, don’t ever change!

  • NotWithoutMyTV

    >>>>Maybe NeNe has a merkin, matching her drapes, that she wears only for church and special occasions?<<<<

    Why would you put that hideous image in my brain, when you know I will never get it out? Why do you hate me SO MUCH, Dorsey?

    Although, since we're on the subject, I wonder if NeNe's merkin would have done a better job raising her four-time loser son? (Although I'd act out too, if all my homies kept telling me "Your mom is like, the least-convincing tranny in the WORLD."

  • Aunt Dorsey

    “They also pretend to toss it onto Cynthia and we get to see a fibroid-free woman run.” Heh, heh, heh! Now, if only Cynthia would just run the hell away from that giant festering fibroid, Peter.
    With all the commotion and screaming, I assumed it was a bat so when it was revealed as just an ol’ Palmetto Bug, say what? The cockroaches in Alabama are the size of VW Beetles so I can’t imagine Georgia grows ’em any smaller.

    Well isn’t Miss NeNe the Neville Chamberlain for our time? What a diplomat. Let’s hope NeNe rolls up her sleeves and tackles the mess in the Middle East next. Kenya should be annexing somebody else’s husband any day now. I got the impression that NeNe wasn’t so much trying to get folks to “bund” as to stir the shit. She didn’t seem too happy that Kenya and Porsha were “bunding.”

    Weavy O’Hara (thanks LAC!) appears to have been taking her meds, I almost liked her this episode. Beauty Queen on bath salts was like a cat who just had a nice big bowl of cream, talking about NeNe’s bald “Hello Kitty”. Maybe NeNe has a merkin, matching her drapes, that she wears only for church and special occasions?

    I don’t think NeNe has any empathy for anyone but herself. A woman with no daughters is an authority on raising girls, ummmmhmmmmm, ’cause they’re just like boys, m’kay. If anyone is twerking all over Hotlanta, it’s that fool beauty queen who’s old enough to know better.

  • I was wondering why the editors chose to have us listen to some boring story Kandi was telling when the cockroach flew into the scene. I was like, Oh! That explains it.

    Also thought it was weird that dinner came AFTER a drag show in the episode. Glad you caught the outfits.