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Donna Quinn

  • TN Gal

    I second the motion for a place to discuss random crap. For instance, Ke$ha is in rehab, and I’m sure Janelle has taken to her bed in devastation. Tammy Sue and Simon are arguing on Twitter (gasps and clutches pearls!), over the kids appearing on RHOC. Tre and Juicy’s trial starts next month, and Melissa has added fillers and Botox to her face so no one can see her Grinch-like smile over thoughts of Tre going to jail. I’m serious. Google it. She needs to step away from the plastic surgeon’s office.

  • snowshoecat

    That would be fun. I’ve noticed that the Comments site has some pretty bizarre stuff from time to time. A regular site for shit shooting ( a gallery?) would be a great idea.

    Happy New Year!

  • snowshoecat

    Hard? No, but if anybody has an extra liver, I’d appreciate making a deal.

  • itchy

    Speaking of New Years — any chance we could have a watering hole space in TrashTalkTV where we can go when we just feel like shooting the shit? I mean something built into the main site, not in the forums

  • sheesh

    And that something will be GLORIOUS!

  • itchy

    Well now you done it. I’ve just had a new outbreak. First time in years. And it’s a really nasty festering pus-filled one too. Ick.

  • CynTV

    #1: NWMTV & Cranky Guy should have their own frigging podcasts.
    #2: I was laughing hard back on page 9 with @NWMTV, @Hatchedone, and @StaceySuperfly. Can’t remember why because I’m drunk, but it was funny!
    #3:Love reading this every year. The comments are funnier than the recaps. Which I shouldn’t say since I’m a recapper.

    Happy New Year!!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Yeah, but did you learn how to twerk the splits? That exit move right there is almost worth the price of mental herpes.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Thank you snowshoecat, that was a seriously fine smorgasbord of snark and I am stuffed, but maybe might could have a little room for pie…..

    It’s snowing! Yay, bumper cars in the morning.

  • itchy

    Yeah, I know. But I watched a BGC season a while back and came away with a bad case of herpes of the imagination. I guess I’m just not into skank. I prefer the wholesome jiggly sort they serve up on the Bachelor.

  • NotWithoutMyTV

    I’m not sure about “glorious” (Not with Bravo and TLC having basic cable in a head lock).

    But it’s going to be … something.

  • classy drunk

    I can’t believe you watch the bachelor but not BGC…

  • plockness monster

    Thanks for doing all of these, SSC!!!! Was it hard to drink that many days in a row? Xoxo

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Love me some Mrs. Slocombe and I am unanimous in that! She makes me want to dash out and get a blue rinse and a perm.

    BBC is having a marathon of The Tudors which I missed, so I’m gorging on that and snarfing up a gyro platter with onion rings (mind you, it came with French fries, the onion rings were extry)…..BRAAAAAAaaaaaP. Bringing in the new year like a beached whale. Where’s my Cheetos and Mountain Dew at?

  • TN Gal

    I have had so much fun reading all if the comments! Thanks SSC and RonnieK!

  • sheesh

    2014 is going to be GLORIOUS!

  • itchy

    Woot! Woot! Woot! New Bachelor starts on Sunday! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • StaceySuperfly

    I just want to thank all the snarktastic people that take the time to recap and comment on all this shit. If not for you I would be reading a book or curing cancer instead of watching brain dead fluffs of hair on tv just so I can come here to judge and laugh at them. You people are all my soul mates! Now, as my soul mate I expect each and every one of you to write me a love letter daily blowing sunshine and rainbows up my ass. Special shoutout to RonnieK, you made the transition from Gasmii to Trashii seamless! Happy New Year and cheers to us all xoxo