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Cyn TV

Hey there! I'm just a gal who doesn't look her age, desperately aspiring to be an eighth as hot as my profile photo. I love red, vodka, and binge watching TV shows. I hope for a world in which all my dachshunds could talk. Please read my recaps and validate my existence. Flipit rules forevah!
  • CortFan

    I follow several fashion bloggers, and their blogs have lead to many positive things like modeling gigs, clothing lines, and columns in national fashion mags. So being a fashion blogger can be a great jumping off point to bigger and better things beyond being a tv famewhore.

  • Limerick

    You nailed the patty pic. She totally looks like the puppet Madame! I actually looked it up after that episode.

  • StaceySuperfly

    So sorry about your husband, its going to be a long 6 months! Matt the douche didn’t call her for a year, yet as soon as he has another chance to be on camera he calls to tell her he misses her. They deserve each other!

  • CynTV

    @Madelyne27 & @Aunt Dorsey: I completely blanked on the spelling!
    @rachelkashmir: For your sake, I hope she’s not a reflection of Dallas fashion. She is the very meaning of “hot mess”. I thought it was funny that she dressed Tori better than she did herself!

    Thanks so much for your comments!

  • rachelkashmir

    Eh, I don’t hate Cort per se, I just roll my eyes with her assertions that she’s Dallas’ Pied Piper of Fashion comical. She acts like Dallas is some remote third world island with little to no contact with the outside world. I’m sure there’s Interwebz in Dallas that any resident of Dallas can go where ever people go to be on the cutting edge fashion ’cause fuck if I know. My last major shopping spree was four years and I’ve worn the same style for the last 15 years and I can’t be bothered to change.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Oh my stars and garters, your poor husband and poor you, especially if you have to be his “feets” until he can walk again.

    “Tchotchke” is one of those annoying words you have to ALREADY know how to spell in order to look it up — and it better not be a goyish dictionary you’re looking in, because the WASPy Webster’s Collegiate is not going to have it listed.

  • 1. I’m sorry about your husband’s accident. If my husband were to ever be rendered immobile, I would have to put him to sleep.

    2. It’s “tchotchke”. And now, if you ever find out my daughter’s date of birth, you will have my password to everything.

    3. I loved the mom high on meds. I once was caught with a McDouble in my nightstand. But I wasn’t hiding it, I was saving it.

    I enjoy reading your ‘caps… thanks.