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RHOA Recap: Reunion Parts 2 and 3

On the first part of the reunion, Porsha was ejected for trying to forcibly donate Kenya’s hair to an Indian deity. NeNe was pissed that a possum died on her head. Phaedra showed us how many synonyms

RHOA Recap: Reunion Pt. 1

Ready for a gown full of crazy? It’s the long-awaited reunion. Let’s see if these broads can deliver on all of the media hype. The reunion starts with Andy greeting all of the ladies as usual. First,

Chrisley Knows Best: Hey Chloe, It’s Your Birthday!

This week is the Chrisley Knows Best finale! With the second season on its way, I have a feeling we won’t even have a chance to miss this family before they are back on USA Network. Plus, this

RHOA Recap: A Finale and a Funeral

It’s been a long and interesting season. Shoes have been thrown, threats have been issued and friendships have been ruined and that was just in one episode! Tonight, all will be wrapped up in what is basically

Chrisley Knows Best: Date Night!

Hello everyone! We are back this week with the Chrisley crew for a parental date night, but first an update from the real world. Chrisley Knows Nothing was renewed for a second season by USA Network. With

RHOA Recap: A Mother’s Loathe

Last week, NeNe and Cynthia agreed to renew their friendship contract while Porsha disproved the theory of relativity i.e. there’s no way a relative of a prominent man like Hosea Williams could have produced the likes of

RHOA Recap: The Old Usual

The Mexicans revolted and Atlanta has been forced to vacate its borders. Rush Limbaugh must be proud. The cast has most certainly convinced Mexicans to stay safely ensconced in their country where they are safe from the

RHOA Recap: Pinata Abuse

Welcome back to Mexico! Here’s hoping you didn’t drink the water. I heard it gives you the stupids, right Apollo? That has to be what happened because Apollo is talking to pubic enemy number 1: Kenya ‘Whore’

Chrisley Knows Best Recap: Two Men and a Baby

Tuesday night and back to USA Network at 10PM for Chrisley Knows Best. Landing on USA Network this late at night makes me feel like a single dad from the 90s who just put their kids to

RHOA Recap: Apollo vs Drag-Ho

Last week everyone arrived in Mexico and proceeded to dismantle Porsha’s marriage and her one brain cell. Phaedra played coy and didn’t arrive until she found out the feds wouldn’t be there and Gregg humped a bed.

RHOA Recap: Mexican Halloween

The girls, and that includes Peter, are back and it’s time for a vacay! Last episode, NeNe and Kenya faux made up after the couples’ event and masquerade ball incidents but NeNe and Marlo’s friendship was ruined.

RHOA Recap: The Bailey Brawl

Last week, Porsha screeched out enough decent notes to get a role in Kandi’s musical. Kenya threw a charity ball shrouded in shady intentions and NeNe impressed everyone with her ability to murder the English language and

RHOA Recap: Big Balls

The Atlanta housewives have been a lot to handle this season. I almost can’t process it all but let’s take a stab at it. Ugh, I shouldn’t have said stab. Apollo might get more ideas. Last week,

RHOA Recap: Fight Night

Is it just me or was this a really strange episode of RHOA? Last week, they were relatively normal people who made poor decisions but this week just had a bizarre vibe. Maybe its just the memory

RHOA Recap: Opportunity Knocks

Last week, Todd hinted that he wanted to take a job three time zones away. Porsha moved into an unnecassarily large house and earned everyone’s sideye. Cynthia was still prepping to lost her regrown virginity to her husband Peter while her sister,