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Bring It! Recap: Stinky Cooters

Howdy Trashmii, and welcome to this week's recap of Bring It! Last week, Lifetime fooled us into thinking there was going to be an all-out brawl at the competition, when actually, it was a choreographed ode to Michael Jackson. There's supposed to be an *actual* fight this week, so let's get to … Continue reading
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Bring It! Recap: MJ and Catshit

Hi Trashmii!!! Welcome to another recap of Bring It! Lifetime has named this episode "Sunjai in Stilettos", and my info box tells me that she actually earns a spot in the Stand Battle this week. I had to double-check the date that this episode actually aired, and I am convinced Lifetime is using … Continue reading
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Bring It! Recap: Flip Your Wig

Well, hello Trashmii!! Welcome to another week of Bring It! Last week, the weave was almost sent flying as Queen D battled both bRittany AND the sketchy host of the competition they attended. The Mystery of the Seventh Judge is right up there with the missing Malaysian airplane... This week, the … Continue reading
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Minicap: Bring It!

Howdy Trasherinos! We saw a little more action in this week's episode of Bring It!. And by 'action', I mean 'screaming, pushing, and fingers in faces'. It was fun. The Bad Parenting Fight of 2014 wages on between bRittany and Queen Di, as bRittany offers a half-assed apology laced with … Continue reading