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Cheer Perfection Recap: The U.S Finals – Thank God This Crap Is Over.

The only thing between me getting in my car and leaving to visit my daughter at college is this recap. As such, I’m not even going to bother with pictures. I know the pictures are the only

Cheer Perfection Recap: The Bug Eyes and Rat of the Gym

Michelle is still at the therapist’s office and Ann has hung up on her. Michelle says that she is heartless. Ann says that she was going to go until she found out that Michelle wants to beat

Cheer Perfection Recap: Pork Chop Fun Run

Last week, they went to Chicago… This week, they go to Chicago. I know, it’s so clever I can hardly stand it. As an aside, Torrann isn’t in this episode much, but the few flashes I saw,

Cheer Perfection Recap: Andrea Pees On Ann. TLC Craps On Us.

Here we go… I promise to keep this brief. Seriously. And I quit taking pics about halfway through… I couldn’t watch it again. Once thing TLC got right was that they made me watch about 20 minutes

Cheer Perfection Recap: Enter Coach James… Exit Annoying Moms

Youth Silver needs a reality check. They got 4th place last week and they need to quit goofing around so they do well at US Finals. Alisha has her head back in the game, but doesn’t feel

Cheer Perfection Recap: Six Bears Go Into a Wood…

Previously on Cheer Perfection… meh. This week on Cheer Perfection… Well, we’ll see. The Youth Silver is heading back to Texas… this time to Dallas. It’s a 2 day competition. You have to be in the Top

Cheer Perfection Recap: Do What You Gotta Do To Get Through This Train Wreck

Yeah, so I officially am not a fan of this show anymore. It’s too much parents… not enough kids, and most the kids they have are annoying… and the fake story lines and crappy editing make it

Cheer Perfection Recap: Even The Editors Don’t Seem To Care…

We’re back with the first episode of Season 2 of TLC’s Cheer Perfection. I would feel bad for being slow on this recap, but since the producers have decided as early as Season 2/Episode 1 to not

TLC’s Cheer Perfection Is Coming Back For Season 2

Many of you Trashiis were orginal Gasmis, so you may remember my recaps for Cheer Perfection on TLC. It’s a lot like Dance Moms, but more kids, a lot of mamma drama, and less screaming. Most of